• December 11, 2008

    Theater stained glass window info

    I am in the process of tracing the provenance on a magnificent antique stained glass window, dating to the late 19th or early 20th Century. The window, showing Archangel Michael presenting his sword, appears quite liturgical, yet I am told by its current owner that it was originally displayed in a Chicago area theater, one that was demolished sometime in the 1980s or 90s.

    Sadly, at this point in time, I do not even know in which genre of theater it may have been placed. If anyone has any ideas at all, I would be very appreciative to hear of them. A list of those theaters demolished around that time could prove more than just a little bit helpful, if you happen to have access to something like that and would not mind sharing it with me for my research.

  • December 8, 2008

    Help needed: Movie listings for Central Jersey Theatres!

    I need some help. I am the founder of a yahoo group dedicated to the great Central Jersey movie theatres – see link:

    Yahoo Group

    I am trying to find some source that would provide me with every film title and date that would have played in these cinemas. I am trying to go through microfishe at a local library but this is almost mind numbing in it’s antiquity. If there is anyone who may have suggestions on how to do this, please contact me either at the group or at – many thanks. PS: These were mostly General Cinema theatres!

  • New owner needs help with projector

    I am a new theatre owner, and we have a Brenkert BX 60 projector in the booth. It has not been running in 8 or 9 months. I am wondering what’s the best way to get it back into action? This projector worked fine before the theatre was closed.

    This theatre is in Wisconsin. Any suggestions of people or companies in WI or MN who might be able to troubleshoot with me if I have problems?


  • December 5, 2008

    Capitol Theatre 1931 - Livingstone Zambia

    The Capitol Theatre in Livingstone Zambia is being restored. Built in 1931 it is the country’s oldest surviving cinema (the first one had no roof and when it rained it was described in the local press at the time as ‘being a little inconvenient’ when the heavens opened up with a torrential down pour!!!)

    The Grill family, refugees from Lithuania, initially started the theatre and it soon passed on to the Sossen’s (related by marriage). Old man Harry Sossen was quite the gent in the town and he hosted the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Danny Kae and Ann Todd during their visits to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls. Harry also struck up a friendship with Laurens van der Post whose book ‘Flamingo Feather’ Hitchcock wanted to put into film form. He had even chosen his leading lady for the film, Grace Kelly, but shortly afterwards she married Prince Rainier of Monaco and so the idea was shelved.

  • November 25, 2008

    Arthur Hiller and Nat Taylor contact info

    Anyone out there know to contact either Arthur Hiller (Director) or the family of Nat Taylor (founder of the modern day multiplex) to see if either of them have information or photos from a theatre that I own and that was owned by their nephew in the 1960’s?

  • November 19, 2008

    Any theaters seeking help with Marketing/PR/Advertising?

    I’ve spent several years at various levels of theater management, and I’m looking to continue my career a little more ‘behind the scenes.’

    Strong copywriting skills, knowledge of media outlets, experience as a graphic artist (print only – although I have an interest in web design), excited and ready to help promote movie theaters to their public!


  • November 10, 2008

    The growing scarcity of quality 35 mm prints for classic film screenings

    A theatre I am involved with has been finding it harder to get quality prints of classic films of late. We book a movie in our schedule. Then we advertise only to find that the print the vendor/source thought they had is damaged, or non-existent.

    Have others found this to be the case? Have any other theatres set up arrangements with print collectors? It just seems as though there isn’t enough money in most retro films these days for the distributors to keep quality prints available.

  • November 7, 2008

    How many movie theaters are there in the US today?

    Question: How many hardtop theaters are there in the US today? The industry indicator seems to be “number of screens”. But I am curious as to how many hardtop theaters are still showing films.

  • October 29, 2008

    Are any theaters seeking an experienced manager?

    With news last night that my theater would be phasing out films to forge ahead with live theater and concert acts, I am seeking other theaters looking for a self motivated, level 4 booth certified manager. I have 10 years of theater knowledge under my belt with the AMC and Regal corps, as well as head of all film operations for the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, NJ.

    Newton Robert Wallen
    4 Nottingham roads
    Marlton, NJ, 08053
    (856) 988-1174

  • October 9, 2008

    New Mexico theater desperately needs manager

    SOCORRO, NM — The city is desperately looking for someone to take over management of its historic Loma Theatre. The bank which owns the building has even offered the theater rent free along with other incentives so far without success. The theater is due to close October 23rd.

    For the past 16 years, the single-screen cinema has been operated by Trans-Lux Theatres. As profits declined, the bank cut the rent in half from $1,400 to $700. Recently it cut the rent in half again from $700 to $350. Trans-Lux’s assets were acquired by Storyteller Theatres Corp. earlier this year, which decided to terminate its lease.

    Storyteller says the theater has lost $10,000 through July and will wind up losing $15,000 by year’s end. The company is trying to stem its losses.