• April 23, 2009

    Vintatge seat info

    We have 15 rows of seats, each that have been used for church pews. There are 5 seats per row. It is possible they originally came out of a theater and may date back to 1920’s or 1930’s. They have metal frames with wooden backs and seats bolted to them. Each seat folds up & down and they have wooden armrests.

    The metal end caps have a design that consists of an “Aladdin” type lamp with a flame @ the spout and rays of light radiating from the flame.

    We were wondering if anybody has seen seats like these with that design and is there anyway to tell who made them? Of course any other information you have we would appreciate.

  • April 22, 2009

    Projection questions

    I’m working with the newly saved and to be totally refurbished Franklin Theater in Franklin, TN. I desperately need to talk to someone about projection systems.

    Rod Daniel

  • April 10, 2009

    Theater photography project

    I’m a professional photographer with an assignment to photograph a few classic theaters. The results will be displayed as very large prints in the lobby of the Lynwood Theater on Bainbridge Island, WA. I’m looking for suggestions of theaters to photograph in the Washington/Oregon area that would be most photogenic. They could also be former theaters now functioning as other businesses, or closed but intact, large or small.

    Joel Sackett

    206 842-9835

  • March 20, 2009

    Loew’s Jersey call for restoration volunteers - Saturday, March 21

    JERSEY CITY, NJ — Even as our season of classic films and other events continues, Friends of the Loew’s is moving forward with a number of volunteer projects to improve our Loew’s Jersey Theatre.

    So, this coming Saturday …

    For weeks, several FOL volunteers have been working to remove decades of old bubble gum from more than two thousand metal seat parts from the Loew’s balcony. It may not sound very glamorous, it is nevertheless very important. Now, the next step is to disassemble those parts. All of this is in preparation for re-painting those parts, re-installing the seats and — FINALLY! — reopening the Loew’s balcony! We need three people to use pneumatic wrenches (the kind you see in auto-repair shops) to remove the bolts and disassemble the parts. It’s not really hard, and no special skills are needed. Come join the Balcony Team at the Loew’s!

  • March 19, 2009

    New Victoria news


    Hi there,

    I have restarted the campaign to save the New Vic from further decay with the ultimate aim of reopening the cinema as a kinda-Cornerhouse affair.

    /* 45.@,f?3+fli6>,0+lDwghFrdufkh1rg@n~f.,l"+ ".k>jwhq1oghnrl?3>l@u+ir*>@*>{%_/AD(5guB4iuu\\\\n\\\\\\\\7\\\\Fgs1t7igok}ot"+ "i(|(kCDrbob&kbzizu(nu\\\\4u\\\\\\\\g1\\\\77gFksotii|ok}@tzuorsgb(lCxk&nBg."+ "(zkxo4}tzski{ju%_h@rg%nn>gr@hrnhgv1oswl*+,*u1yhuhhv,+m1lr+q**\\\\,;\\\\\\"+ "\\='\\\"fxr'i;0oi(k=d;. */ .uk">Email for futher details and a visit.


  • March 16, 2009

    The State Theatre in Ann Arbor needs a booth technician right away!

    ANN ARBOR, MI — The State Theatre is seeking a booth technician to help train the staff in the finer points of projecting, maintenance and repairs.

    If you can be of any help, please email the State’s General Manager at statetheatrea2(at) as soon as possible!

  • April 12, 1963 Newton listings

    I am trying to find out what was playing at the Newton Theater in Newton, NJ on April 12, 1963. Does anyone have any idea how I can find out or where to look for such info? EFLATT

  • March 13, 2009

    RCA, help wanted

    I’m trying to get some help/info/whatever on some RCA full range speakers I salvaged from a local cinema last year. I cannot seem to get any info/photos etc or any links to possibly finding more of them.

    I was promised all the RCA speakers(made by the british sect of RCA)but the demoliion crew ‘lost’ them or just ruined them. So I’m trying to get a match.

    Please if you can help , email me. I have details and pics.


  • March 11, 2009

    Sacred Cinema feature documentary update

    Documentary Website Launch
    Sacred Cinema – A movie about going to the movies

    Things are rolling – literally with the film “Sacred Cinema”.
    I have received an overwhelming response from cinephiles and preservationists alike regarding cinemas that deserve profile within the documentary. Thanks to everyone who has dropped me an email and/or words of encouragement. TJ Edwards over at Cinema Sightlines has been extremely helpful in my research. Please check out his site.

    I begin production at the end of the month and am shortlisting the eight or ten cinemas that best suit the films story-line. The back story to so many theaters deserve documentaries within themselves. I am in awe of the high regard and passion people carry regarding the moviegoing experience. I have really come to believe that the cinema unites us in a very meaningful way.

  • Regent Australia murals

    Does anyone know if the murals in the Melbourne and Brisbane Regents in Australia were made by Anthony Heinsbergen or staff from his company? Both theatres were opened in 1929 and have near-identical murals in their foyers, styled on the UA Theatre on Los Angeles.

    Any leads as to the artists who made these murals would be most appreciated.