• March 18, 2004

    Kansas Historic Theaters Sought for Study

    The Kansas State Historical Society is seeking Kansas' past cinema treasures for documentation and study. The preservation office of the Kansas State Historical Society is seeking assistance in locating historic theaters and opera houses for a statewide study.

    Three hundred buildings were constructed statewide prior to 1955 for use as movie theaters or opera houses. It is hoped that these can be recorded.

  • March 16, 2004

    Theater Ownership 101?

    Is there an idiot’s guide-type book out there that explains what goes in to buying, restoring, and operating a theater?

  • March 11, 2004

    Seeking Info on the Capitol Theatre in Welland Ontario

    I am doing research on the old Capitol theatre in Welland Ontario.

    My father was a relief projectionist in 1965. I still have vivid memories of the booth as a twelve year old child. It was my job to start the motor generator set and the old amplifier first by turning on the filaments and then the plate switch. The recifier tubes used to glow blue. The machines were Super Simplex and their was a small snail horn above machine number two.

  • February 26, 2004

    Wanted: Theater Marquee

    Upstage Restaurant and theater, located in the historic seaport of Port Townsend, WA, seeks info or sources regarding theater marquees. Looking for possible ‘historical’ examples, photos, and sources of theater facades and marquees, especially circa 1860 to 1930. Contact Mark at 360-385-2216 or .

  • February 13, 2004

    Looking to Hire Stylish Retro Cinema/Theatre/Music Hall

    LONDON, ENGLAND — I’m organising an evening of old-style, burlesque cabaret entertainment with a film show and special guest speaker as the finale, and I’m looking for the perfect venue for the evening. Preferably a 200 – 300 seater with a bar and a nice old-fashioned ambience. Any suggestions would be most gratefully received!!!

  • January 30, 2004

    Bentonville’s Plaza

    BENTONVILLE, AR — The Plaza, located on the square downtown, is an old theater that was closed in the early 70s. It was gutted and renovated into office space and most recently a hair salon. I have dreamt of renovating this old building back to its original use as a theater since I first laid eyes on it 18 years ago.

  • January 29, 2004

    Contributors Needed for Uptown Theatre Documentary

    TORONTO, CANADA — I’m working on a student documentary paying homage to the Uptown Theatre, kind of a eulogy on film. I’m currently looking for anyone who has fond memories and stories to share about their experiences as a theater patron, volunteer, or employee. I am also looking for any video footage or still images of the Uptown both inside and out.

  • January 13, 2004

    Looking for the Victor

    I found a listing for the Victor Theater in Anderson, South Carolina. I can’t find any source that mentions the Victor Theater. Our 1945 edition of Film Daily Yearbook lists the Carolina, Criterion, Lyrie (listed as Colored), State, and Strand.

  • December 30, 2003

    Looking for Advice

    My husband and I are considering purchasing an old, 200-seat, one-screen theater in a small town in Texas. It has been closed for a few years because the owners got too old to mess with it anymore, but according to the realtor it seems to have all the basics (assuming it still works).

    We are going to look at it this weekend. We have no experience in theaters. This is all new to us. We would appreciate ANY advice or direction.

    email me at

  • December 5, 2003

    Manager/Projectionist Needed

    I have the opportunity to rent a small movie theatre in Ohio, but I don’t have the necessary experience to run this business. I’m looking for a manager/projectionist who has business management experience and is fully qualified to operate most types of projectors. Please contact me at for more information.