Movie Theaters in Canada

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cineac 7e art Cineac 7e art Sainte-Foy, Canada Closed 1
Cinema Cinema Kitchener, Canada Closed 1
Cinema 2000 Cinema 2000 Toronto, Canada Closed 1
Cinema Capri Cinema Capri Sherbrooke, Canada Closed 1
Cinema Elysee Cinema Elysee Montreal, Canada Closed 2
Cinema Park Drive-In Cinema Park Drive-In Calgary, Canada Closed 1
Cinema Ritz Cinema Ritz Granby, Canada Closed 1
Cinema Terrebonne Cinema Terrebonne Terrebonne, Canada Closed 2
Cinema Verdi Theatre Cinema Verdi Theatre Montreal, Canada Closed 0
Cinemas Place Du Royaume Cinemas Place Du Royaume Saguenay, Canada Closed 3
Cineplex 6 - The Concourse Cineplex 6 - The Concourse Kitchener, Canada Closed 6
Cineplex Cinemas Esplanade Cineplex Cinemas Esplanade North Vancouver, Canada Closed 6
Cineplex Odeon Fairview Mall Cinemas Cineplex Odeon Fairview Mall Cin... St. Catharines, Canada Closed 9
Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Centre Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Centre North York, Canada Closed 10
Ciné-Parc Beauport Ciné-Parc Beauport Beauport, Canada Closed 3
Ciné-Parc Boréal Ciné-Parc Boréal Mont-Tremblant, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Boréal Ciné-Parc Boréal Val-d'Or, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Boucherville Ciné-Parc Boucherville Boucherville, Canada Closed 2
Ciné-Parc Boucherville Ciné-Parc Boucherville Boucherville, Canada Closed 2
Ciné-Parc Bromont Ciné-Parc Bromont Bromont, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Cartier Ciné-Parc Cartier Gaspé, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Dollard Ciné-Parc Dollard Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada Closed 4
Ciné-Parc Drummondville Ciné-Parc Drummondville St-Germain-de-Grantham, Canada Closed 2
Ciné-Parc Fatima Ciné-Parc Fatima Fatima, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Gaspésien Ciné-Parc Gaspésien Bonaventure, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Grand Portage Ciné-Parc Grand Portage Rivière-du-Loup, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Jeannois Ciné-Parc Jeannois Alma, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc La Pocatière Ciné-Parc La Pocatière La Pocatière, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Laviolette Ciné-Parc Laviolette Grand-Mère, Canada Closed 1
Ciné-Parc Matane Ciné-Parc Matane Matane, Canada Closed 1