Art Deco Movie Theaters

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Name ↑ Location Status Screens
Scala Scala Paris, France Open 5
Theatre Comedia Theatre Comedia Paris, France Open 1
Brady Cinema Theatre Brady Cinema Theatre Paris, France Open 2
Club de l'Etoile Club de l'Etoile Paris, France Open 1
MK2 Nation MK2 Nation Paris, France Open 4
Palais de Tokyo (Le YoYo) Palais de Tokyo (Le YoYo) Paris, France Open 1
UGC Rotonde UGC Rotonde Paris, France Open 3
Olympia Olympia Paris, France Open 1
Max Linder Panorama Max Linder Panorama Paris, France Open 1
Theatre de Passy Theatre de Passy Paris, France Open 1
Cinema Le Balzac Cinema Le Balzac Paris, France Open 3
Theatre des Champs-Elysees Theatre des Champs-Elysees Paris, France Open 1
Grand Rex Grand Rex Paris, France Open 7
Arlequin Arlequin Paris, France Open 3
Theatre le Palace Theatre le Palace Paris, France Open 1
Studio Raspail Studio Raspail Paris, France Open 1
Cinema Mac-Mahon Cinema Mac-Mahon Paris, France Open 1
Park Theatre Park Theatre Park Rapids, MN, United States Open 2
Pickwick Theatre Pickwick Theatre Park Ridge, IL, United States Open 5
Smoot Theatre Smoot Theatre Parkersburg, WV, United States Open 1
Landmark Pasadena 7 Landmark Pasadena 7 Pasadena, CA, United States Open 7
Paramount Center for the Arts Paramount Center for the Arts Peekskill, NY, United States Open 1
Pendleton Playhouse Pendleton Playhouse Pendleton, SC, United States Open 1
Rex Theatre Rex Theatre Pensacola, FL, United States Open 1
Camelot Outdoor Cinema & Memorial Hall Camelot Outdoor Cinema & Memoria... Perth, Australia Open 2
Playhouse Cinema Playhouse Cinema Perth, United Kingdom Open 7
Phoenix Theater Phoenix Theater Petaluma, CA, United States Open 1
Broadway Theatre Broadway Theatre Peterborough, United Kingdom Open 1
Arc Cinema Peterhead Arc Cinema Peterhead Peterhead, United Kingdom Open 5
Sedgwick Theatre Sedgwick Theatre Philadelphia, PA, United States Open 1