Movie Theaters With Between 1000 and 1999 Seats

Showing 181 - 210 of 1,413 active movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cedar-Lee Theatre Cedar-Lee Theatre Cleveland Heights, OH, United States Open 6
Center 3 Center 3 Sao Paulo, Brazil Open 7
Central City 10 Cinemas Central City 10 Cinemas Hot Springs, AR, United States Open 10
Central Plaza Cinema Central Plaza Cinema Mumbai, India Open 1
Central Theatre Central Theatre Hot Springs, AR, United States Open 1
Centre Culturel Jacques Franck Centre Culturel Jacques Franck Brussels, Belgium Open 1
Century 9 Theatres Century 9 Theatres Hutchinson, MN, United States Open 9
Century Centre Cinema Century Centre Cinema Chicago, IL, United States Open 7
Century Cinema Century Cinema Fargo, ND, United States Open 10
Century Cinemas Century Cinemas Letterkenny, Ireland Open 8
Century East at Dawley Farm Century East at Dawley Farm Sioux Falls, SD, United States Open 12
Century Stadium 5 Century Stadium 5 Heyburn, ID, United States Open 5
Changchun Ambassador Theaters Changchun Ambassador Theaters Taipei, Taiwan Open 15
Charles Theatre Charles Theatre Baltimore, MD, United States Open 5
Chautauqua Auditorium Chautauqua Auditorium Boulder, CO, United States Open 1
Cheri Theatres Cheri Theatres Murray, KY, United States Open 7
Cine 23 y 12 Cine 23 y 12 Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine 25 de Mayo Cine 25 de Mayo Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Cine 30 de Diciembre Cine 30 de Diciembre Jobabo, Cuba Open 1
Cine Acapulco Cine Acapulco Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Actualidades Cine Actualidades Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Art-Fashion Mall Cine Art-Fashion Mall Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 4
Cine Art-West Shopping Cine Art-West Shopping Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 6
Cine Bolivar Cine Bolivar Placetas, Cuba Open 1
Cine Campo Limpo Cine Campo Limpo Sao Paulo, Brazil Open 5
Cine Capitol Cine Capitol Madrid, Spain Open 3
Cine Caridad Cine Caridad Placetas, Cuba Open 1
Cine Carmen Cine Carmen Ciego de Avila, Cuba Open 1
Cine Central Cine Central Lima, Peru Open 1
Cine Charles Chaplin Cine Charles Chaplin Havana, Cuba Open 1