Movie Theaters With Between 1 and 999 Seats

Showing 4,561 - 4,590 of 4,599 active movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Yerington Movie House Yerington Movie House Yerington, NV, United States Open 1
Yes Cinema Yes Cinema Columbus, IN, United States Open 2
Ying E Chi Cinema Ying E Chi Cinema Hong Kong, China Open 1
Yogiraj Cinema Yogiraj Cinema Seoni, India Open 1
Yorck and New Yorck Kinos Yorck and New Yorck Kinos Berlin, Germany Open 2
Yuanman Theater Yuanman Theater Taipei, Taiwan Open 1
Yuba Theatre Yuba Theatre Downieville, CA, United States Open 1
Yukon Theatre Yukon Theatre Whitehorse, Canada Open 2
Yuma Theatre Yuma Theatre Yuma, CO, United States Open 1
Yuma Theatre Yuma Theatre Yuma, AZ, United States Open 1
Z-inema & Z Bar Z-inema & Z Bar Berlin, Germany Open 1
ZINema ZINema Nijverdal, Netherlands Open 1
Zazie Kino Zazie Kino Halle, Germany Open 1
Zebra Kino Zebra Kino Konstanz, Germany Open 1
Zebulon Theatre Zebulon Theatre Cairo, GA, United States Open 1
Zeffirellis Digital Cinema Zeffirellis Digital Cinema Ambleside, United Kingdom Open 2
Zeffirellis by the Park Zeffirellis by the Park Ambleside, United Kingdom Open 2
Zeise Kinos Zeise Kinos Hamburg, Germany Open 3
Zendegi Multiplex Zendegi Multiplex Tehran, Iran Open 5
Zentralkino Dresden Zentralkino Dresden Dresden, Germany Open 2
Zhovten Kino Zhovten Kino Kyiv, Ukraine Open 5
Zinema 2 Zinema 2 Duluth, MN, United States Open 2
Zinema City Reine Zinema City Reine Rheine, Germany Open 5
Zorn Theater Zorn Theater Benkelman, NE, United States Open 1
a/perture Cinema a/perture Cinema Winston-Salem, NC, United States Open 2
de France Kino de France Kino Vienna, Austria Open 2
fiZi - Filmtheater Zierikzee fiZi - Filmtheater Zierikzee Zierikzee, Netherlands Open 1
firstsite firstsite Colchester, United Kingdom Open 1
fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz fsk-Kino am Oranienplatz Berlin, Germany Open 2
iPic Delray Beach iPic Delray Beach Delray Beach, FL, United States Open 8