• March 26, 2010

    Pollock Theater needs 35mm projectors

    SANTA BARBARA, CA — The University of California at Santa Barbara is about to open the brand new Pollock Theater. It will be a great venue for film students to learn. We will also have amazing film events at night.

    I am in need of 2 35mm Projectors. I cannot do a platter system, so I will be going old school and doing changeovers.

    does anyone have 35mm projectors? And does anyone know of a consultant that would like to help install?

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    Matt Ryan

  • February 17, 2010

    Save the Watson Theatre!

    WATSONTOWN, PA — Save the Watson Theatre, a non-profit initiative is running a Kickstarter campaign soliciting monetary pledge donations to purchase and preserve the 70 year-old, single-screen movie theatre in Watsontown, Pennsylvania. From February 15 – March 15, 2010, donors can make pledges on (search: Watson Theatre) or directly through This is a pledge drive, and donors are not required to issue any funds unless the entire project goal is achieved. With less than 300 single-screen movie theatres remaining in the United States, it is vital to small cities and towns across the country to preserve the legacy of the theatre as a cultural cornerstone of the community.

    The Watson Theatre is located at 131 Main Street, Watsontown, Pennsylvania, a location that has been home to a theatre since 1912. The current Watson Theatre opened in 1940 and closed in September 2009. The Save the Watson Theatre project was launched by area native, Matthias Sundberg in February 2010 to raise funds to purchase the theatre and its equipment to establish The Watson Theatre Foundation, a non-profit community organization. Future projects include special programming such as a featured filmmaker series, midnight movies, and a local filmmaker showcase, as well as film festivals, and community film classes on history and technique.

  • February 16, 2010

    Historic renovation of Masonic Lodge

    Nestled in the quiet downtown of the historic town of Enfield North Carolina has sat a relic of a prior life. Unobtrusive to passers by for many years, the beautiful art deco Masonic Temple of Enfield, built in the early 20’s, will soon become the home of a cultural arts center.

    A masterpiece of architectural significance and the tallest building in Enfield, the former Masonic Temple will be renamed “The Lodge at Roanoke Valley” and will be a multi media entertainment and dining establishment unrivaled in Eastern North Carolina.

    The Lodge will utilize existing features of the building to introduce a new and exciting reuse that will feature theatre, dance, yoga and health programs, film retrospectives, film and video soundstage facilities, studio space for artists and dancers, a museum dedicated to the history of the long lived Masonic Temple and its leaders, lecture hall, and dinner theater. It will be a prominent addition to the live music scene that is burgeoning in the region.

  • December 14, 2009

    Old film reels in Oregon

    Since I was a small boy I wanted to one day own and run my own cinema. Well, now I have ‘free’ one… in my quite large garage at home for family and friends.

    I’ve installed 24 genuine theater seats, projector, 5'x8' screen, two sets of traveler curtains, foot lights and a Hammond organ.

    My design theme is simple like the L.A. subway station at Hollywood & Vine; a cinematic layout of old projectors, film reels and photos of movie palaces and great stars.

  • October 30, 2009

    The Drive-In Theatre Museum needs your help!

    The Drive-In Theatre Museum is a not for profit 501 © (3) organization.

    We are looking for seats, screens and a Strong X 60B lamphouse power supply.

    We just moved into our new location, a 17 year old 5 plex theatre in a mall and have a big opportunity to be able to show movies in the winter. In the summer we show movies on a 1924 Band Shell, weather permitting. We need seats and screens for 2 of the theatres.

  • October 16, 2009

    Seymour’s Strand Theater needs a helping hand

    SEYMOUR, CT — The Strand has been lighting up Main Street in Seymour for many decades, but the old girl is beginning to look a little shabby. The townspeople are looking for low and no cost ways to spruce up this treasure, one of the increasingly few single screen theaters operating in America today. In addition to film, the theater also hosts live performances.

    “Starting on the outside of the building, the marquee is starting to fall apart,” Simpson noted. “The paint is peeling, birds are nesting in the fallen ceiling panels and it continues to leak even a day or two after the rains have stopped.”

    Simpson said the marquee is one of only a few left in the country, and the theater itself is one of last few single screen movie houses in Connecticut.

    Read more in the New Haven Register.

  • September 25, 2009

    Midnight Movies at Dobie needs sponsors!!

    AUSTIN, TX — The Dobie Theatre is trying to start up a series of Midnight Movies!! However, funds are tight.

    We are in need of sponsors!

    We are looking for sponsors to cover the cost of film screening fees and print rentals.
    In exchange we provide plenty of promotion for your business, some free passes to the Dobie for your business, and a lot of input on the films choosen.

  • September 17, 2009

    Queen Theater hopes for renovation

    EUNICE, LA — The three-screen Queen Theater in Baton Rouge, LA is hoping that the means to renovate the cinema will become available. It’s still operating, but years of deferred maintenance are taking their toll. The theater’s manager describes the theater’s condition in this article.

    Guillory, whose wife’s family, the Kellers, built the original Queen, has written to the state’s historical group to procure a grant, to no avail. A new buyer could be forthcoming, he said, and the current multi-theater owner lives in Florida and told Guillory he could possibly be interested in renovations.

    But nothing is firmed up yet. The costs could run to at least $100,000, Guillory said, hurrying to switch on the air conditioners for that night’s two new films: “Halloween II” and “Final Destination.”

    Read more in the Advocate.

  • July 29, 2009

    Rickshaw Theatre needs a screen and a projector

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — I am in the process of re-opening the Rickshaw Theatre (formally the shaw) in Vancouver, BC. Currently we are doing live and theater shows but would like to do movies. We need a large screen 40 x 25 and a projector. We have no idea where to start looking, any help would be appreciated.

    Please contact


  • June 19, 2009

    Lebowsky Center rebuilding fund may have reached critical target, but…

    OWOSSO, MI — The slow progress in rebuilding the fire damaged Lebowsky Center may have reached a funding target for a matching grant of $350,000 even though the Owosso Community Players missed a June 1 deadline to raise the funds.

    But it may be too late. As they say, stay tuned. Details from the Argus-Press are in two related articles at here and here.