• March 12, 2008

    Have a seat? We’d like two!

    H-B Woodlawn is an alternative school in Arlington, VA. H-B is consistently ranks one of the best public high schools in the country. In 2006 and 2007 H-B ranked 13th; in 2005, 5th; and in 2003, 10th. H-B has a prolific, student-run theatre program which produces 8 to 12 productions each year, almost all of which are directed and produced by students. The 2007-2008 show schedule includes: Sister Mary Ignatius, No Exit, Lost in Yonkers, One-Act Play Festival, Urinetown, Macbeth, As Bees in Honey Drown, Boys and Ghouls Together, Holes, and the 24-Hour Play Festival.

    Unsafe rigging above the stage needs to be replaced. Most of the wiring is 50 years old. Students have been shocked. The lighting dimmer rack only holds 26 lights. The spotlights at the back of the auditorium are attached to balcony railings. The wooden seating in the school’s auditorium is fifty years old and is literally falling apart; seats have fallen out from under people and are visibly cracked; some seats are missing; several rows of seats have been removed because they were not salvageable; and, some rows of seats are being pieced together by students. WE NEED 475 SEATS, NEW OR USED! The estimated cost is at least $49,100 for new seats. Bake sales are presented at each theatrical event. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs are being offered for sale. Raffles and other fundraising events are being sponsored by the Drama Boosters to raise additional money. We are trying everything. Please let us know if you can be of help, or have any ideas to get us any closer to our goals.

  • March 6, 2008

    Help Loew’s Jersey Theatre get Hudson County Grant

    JERSEY, CITY, NJ — Help Friends of the Loew’s, Inc. restore the Loew’s Jersey Theatre as an iconic landmark, as well as FOL’s operation of the Theatre as a non-profit center for the arts serving the people of Hudson County, New Jersey and the entire New York Metropolitan area.

    Your signature will support Friends of the Loew’s application to the Hudson County Open Space — Recreation and Historic Preservation Trust Fund for the year 2008. This grant award will greatly assist FOL in making crucial life safety improvements that are necessary to expand the Theatre’s operations.

    For more information about the Loew’s Jersey and FOL’s restoration efforts, click here.

    (Thanks to wallyg for providing the photo.)

  • February 22, 2008

    Tornado damages theatre

    I own a 1947 single screen theatre in Williamston, Michigan. We had a tornado go through October 2007 and suffered some minor damages. Our marquee and front facade is vintage. With some storm damage, we are unable to find someone to fix and restore the porcelain panels. We also are looking for any grants that might help in restoring the entire front facade.

    Dan Robitaille

  • February 1, 2008

    Hoyts Pennsauken 10

    The Hoyts Cinema in Pennsauken, NJ has been closed for six years it’s just sitting here waiting for someone to reopen it. I think I should reopen it. Will it be a good investment even though there’s a AMC/Loews down the road?

  • December 27, 2007

    Drive-in in need of projector

    KEYSVILLE, VA — I am retired and just took over Keysville Drive-in Theater. Last ran in 2001. Very run down and I’m working on it in hopes of opening in Spring 2008. However, due to my small income, I need a 35mm projector that maybe someone has cheap or that they may be able to donate to help in my venture to bring this drive-in back to life.


  • November 27, 2007

    Restored Ritz Theater seeking photos for exterior restoration

    SHEFFIELD, AL — The Ritz Theater is seeking photographs to help restore the exterior of the theatre. The interior was previously restored in 1985. This request was posted on the WAFF48news web site. If anyone has photos of the exterior in the 1940s they can be e-mailed to the TVAA website listed in the article.

    Sheffield Mayor Billy Don Anderson is excited about the improvements. Anderson said, “The other monies will be used to make a pedestrian friendly plaza from the theatre to the intersection.” Needed improvements to the sidewalks, and utilities will also be added.

    The Tennessee Valley Art Association wants to restore the Ritz Theatre to the way it looked in the 1940’s, but they can’t find a photograph to use as a guide. If you have a photo, please let them know. Their web site is

  • November 26, 2007

    La Grange Theatre - needs $3.5 million for restoration

    LAGRANGE, IL — The La Grange Theatre faces the challenge of many neighborhood theatres today. How do you come up with $3.5 million dollars to restore a theatre that has fallen into hard times?

    An article in Suburban Life discusses the dilemma the owners of the La Grange theatre in Illinois face. “How do you find the necessary funds to save a neighborhood theatre that faces the few remaining theatres today?” Also addressed is “how viable it is to return the theatre to its former grandeur if you get the funding?”.

    Sadly, in todays economic times, both questions seem near impossible tasks. The $3.5 million estimate entails a complete gutting of the structure, including rebuilding walls, and would require closing the theater for up to nine months. Still, the theater would not be classically restored to its past grandeur.

  • August 25, 2007

    The Keith-Albee Needs Your Help

    HUNTINGTON, WV — The Keith-Albee Foundation, which has operated the historic Keith-Albee Theatre since August of 2006, is looking for some volunteers to help remove the former movie palace’s concession counters and other items on Tuesday, August 28th, starting at 6 PM. David Tyson, co-president of the Foundation, says to just show up. “We would like to have 100 volunteers”. Tyson recommends those interested in helping out at the Keith-Albee dress in old clothes and bring work gloves. Members of Marshall University’s rugby team have already committed to volunteering.

    The work session is the latest of several sessions held over the past year to help convert the Thomas Lamb-designed movie house into a performing arts venue. The theater is located at 925 4th Avenue in Huntington.

    See the article in the Herald-Dispatch for further information.

  • June 14, 2007

    Looking for theatre in need of restoration

    I am looking for a performing arts theatre in need of restoration. No seats-no problem.

  • March 13, 2007

    Capitol Theatre may file for bankruptcy

    WINDSOR, CANADA — The Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre is on the verge of bankruptcy. It postponed bankruptcy filing Friday while waiting for word on a bail-out loan from the city of Windsor.

    The Capitol Theatre on Friday postponed signing of bankruptcy papers after the city held off on a promised bail-out loan.

    “We’re not trying to buy time so much as we’re trying to give the city a chance to formally reply to us,” said a frustrated Tom Lynd, the Capitol’s acting general manager.

    More details from The Windsor Star.