Movie Theaters Operating as a Movies

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Aurora Theatre Aurora Theatre East Aurora, NY, United States Open 1
Australian Poetry Hall of Fame Australian Poetry Hall of Fame Guyra, Australia Open 1
AutoNation IMAX 3-D Theater AutoNation IMAX 3-D Theater Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Open 1
Autocinema Coyote Autocinema Coyote Mexico City, Mexico Open 1
Autocinema Coyote Polanco Autocinema Coyote Polanco Mexico City, Mexico Open 1
Autokino Orava Autokino Orava Trstena, Slovakia Open 1
Autokino Wien Autokino Wien Groß-Enzersdorf, Austria Open 3
Ava TrueView Family Theater Ava TrueView Family Theater Ava, MO, United States Open 1
Azadi Cinema Azadi Cinema Tehran, Iran Open 5
Azerbaijan Cinema Azerbaijan Cinema Baku, Azerbaijan Open 1
Azteca Theater Azteca Theater Fresno, CA, United States Open 1
BMCPC Asbury Community Cinema BMCPC Asbury Community Cinema Hong Kong, China Open 1
Backlot Cinema Backlot Cinema West Perth, Australia Open 1
Bagdad Theater Bagdad Theater Portland, OR, United States Open 1
Bagh Ketab Multiplex Bagh Ketab Multiplex Tehran, Iran Open 10
Bakers Hill Oval Bakers Hill Oval Baker's Hill, Australia Open 1
Balaka Cinema Balaka Cinema Dhaka, Bangladesh Open 1
Bama Theatre Bama Theatre Tuscaloosa, AL, United States Open 1
Bamboo Outdoor Cinema Bamboo Outdoor Cinema Highgate, Australia Open 1
Baray Andet Cinema Baray Andet Cinema Siem Reap, Cambodia Open 1
Barn Multi Arts Centre Barn Multi Arts Centre Banchory, United Kingdom Open 1
Barnyard Cinema Barnyard Cinema Winthrop, WA, United States Open 1
Barpy Teatr Barpy Teatr Jalal Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan Open 1
Barrikada Cinema Barrikada Cinema St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Open 1
Barron Theatre Barron Theatre Pratt, KS, United States Open 2
Beau Sejour Leisure Centre Beau Sejour Leisure Centre St. Peter Port, Guernsey Open 1
Beck Theatre Beck Theatre Hayes, United Kingdom Open 1
Belltable Arts Centre Belltable Arts Centre Limerick, Ireland Open 1
Belvidere Cinema Gallery Belvidere Cinema Gallery Waukegan, IL, United States Open 2
Ben & Jerry's  Openair Cinema Gold Coast Ben & Jerry's Openair Cinema Go... Broadbeach, Australia Open 1