Movie Theaters Around the World

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cine-Teatro Luena Cine-Teatro Luena Luena, Angola Open 1
Cine-Teatro Monumental Cine-Teatro Monumental Benguela, Angola Open 1
Cine-Teatro Olympia Cine-Teatro Olympia Beira, Mozambique Closed 1
Cine-Teatro Restauracao Cine-Teatro Restauracao Luanda, Angola Closed 1
Cinebarre West Town Stadium 9 Cinebarre West Town Stadium 9 Knoxville, TN, United States Open 9
Cinelux Capitola Cafe & Lounge Cinelux Capitola Cafe & Lounge Capitola, CA, United States Open 8
Cinema Cinema London, United Kingdom Closed 1
Cinema 1 Theatre Cinema 1 Theatre Salinas, CA, United States Closed 1
Cinema Apollo Cinema Apollo Florence, Italy Closed 1
Cinema Bonaparte Cinema Bonaparte Paris, France Closed 1
Cinema Boujloud Cinema Boujloud Fez, Morocco Closed 1
Cinema Capitol Cinema Capitol Rome, NY, United States Open 1
Cinema La Clef Cinema La Clef Paris, France Closed 3
Cinema Le Plaza Cinema Le Plaza Geneva, Switzerland Closed 1
Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Cinema Orchidea d'Essai Milan, Italy Closed 1
Cinemark at Macedonia Cinemark at Macedonia Macedonia, OH, United States Closed 15
Cinemas Raly Cinemas Raly Monterrey, Mexico Open 4
Cinerama Hollywood Cinerama Hollywood Los Angeles, CA, United States Closed 15
Cineworld Cinema - Leicester Square 4DX Cineworld Cinema - Leicester Squ... London, United Kingdom Closed 1
City Lights Weatherford City Lights Weatherford Hudson Oaks, TX, United States Closed 7
City Theatre City Theatre Biddeford, ME, United States Open 1
Civic Theatre Civic Theatre Scone, Australia Closed 1
Clawson Theater Clawson Theater Clawson, MI, United States Closed 1
Club X Club X Perth, Australia Closed 1
Colisee Cinema Colisee Cinema Beirut, Lebanon Closed 1
Coliseum Theatre Coliseum Theatre Oldham, United Kingdom Closed 1
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Harlem, GA, United States Closed 1
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Paducah, KY, United States Closed 2
Congress Theater Congress Theater Chicago, IL, United States Closed 1
Coronet Cinema Coronet Cinema London, United Kingdom Closed 1