Single Screen Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
B-WARE! Ladenkino B-WARE! Ladenkino Berlin, Germany Open 1
BAM Harvey Theater BAM Harvey Theater Brooklyn, NY, United States Open 1
Babinda Munro Picture Theatre Babinda Munro Picture Theatre Babinda, Australia Open 1
Backdoor Theater Backdoor Theater Nederland, CO, United States Open 1
Backlot Cinema Backlot Cinema West Perth, Australia Open 1
Baclaran Cinema Baclaran Cinema Manila, Philippines Open 1
Bacon Theatre Bacon Theatre Alma, GA, United States Open 1
Badger Theatre Badger Theatre Stoughton, WI, United States Open 1
Badin Road Drive-In Badin Road Drive-In Albemarle, NC, United States Open 1
Badlands Drive-In Badlands Drive-In Los Lunas, NM, United States Open 1
Bagdad Theater Bagdad Theater Portland, OR, United States Open 1
Bakers Hill Oval Bakers Hill Oval Baker's Hill, Australia Open 1
Bal Theatre Bal Theatre San Leandro, CA, United States Open 1
Balaka Cinema Balaka Cinema Dhaka, Bangladesh Open 1
Bali Kino Bali Kino Berlin, Germany Open 1
Ball Theatre Ball Theatre Pageland, SC, United States Open 1
Bama Theatre Bama Theatre Tuscaloosa, AL, United States Open 1
Bambino Cinema Bambino Cinema Karachi, Pakistan Open 1
Bamboo Outdoor Cinema Bamboo Outdoor Cinema Highgate, Australia Open 1
Bangor Cinema Plus Bangor Cinema Plus Silverdale, WA, United States Open 1
Bar-Ann Drive-In Bar-Ann Drive-In Portage, PA, United States Open 1
Baray Andet Cinema Baray Andet Cinema Siem Reap, Cambodia Open 1
Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater at the ICA Barbara Lee Family Foundation Th... Boston, MA, United States Open 1
Barbican Cinema 1 Barbican Cinema 1 London, United Kingdom Open 1
Barco Drive-In Barco Drive-In Lamar, MO, United States Open 1
Barn Multi Arts Centre Barn Multi Arts Centre Banchory, United Kingdom Open 1
Barn Theatre Barn Theatre Cirencester, United Kingdom Open 1
Barnyard Cinema Barnyard Cinema Winthrop, WA, United States Open 1
Barpy Teatr Barpy Teatr Jalal Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan Open 1
Barrikada Cinema Barrikada Cinema St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Open 1