Movie Theaters Operating as a Bar

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Lanyon Hall Lanyon Hall Cookstown, United Kingdom Open 1
Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Portland, OR, United States Open 4
Lodge Gentlemans' Club Lodge Gentlemans' Club Slaton, TX, United States Open 1
Lone Peak Cinema Lone Peak Cinema Big Sky, MT, United States Open 2
Majestic Grille Majestic Grille Memphis, TN, United States Open 1
Marigold Theater Marigold Theater Easthampton, MA, United States Open 1
Mars Theatre Mars Theatre Mars Hill, NC, United States Open 1
Mission Theater Mission Theater Portland, OR, United States Open 1
Noggerath Theater Noggerath Theater Amsterdam, Netherlands Open 1
Northern Lights Theatre Pub Northern Lights Theatre Pub Salem, OR, United States Open 3
Novanois Novanois Brussels, Belgium Open 1
Odem Theater Pub Odem Theater Pub Redmond, OR, United States Open 1
Oriental Theater Oriental Theater Denver, CO, United States Open 1
Palace Cinema Palace Cinema Langold, United Kingdom Open 1
Palace Theater Palace Theater Stafford Springs, CT, United States Open 1
Park Theater Park Theater Glens Falls, NY, United States Open 1
Pavilion Cinema Pavilion Cinema Girvan, United Kingdom Open 1
Picture House Picture House Stafford, United Kingdom Open 1
Point Chevalier Theatre Point Chevalier Theatre Port Chevalier, New Zealand Open 1
Premiere LUX Cine GSX & Pizza Pub Premiere LUX Cine GSX & Pizza Pub Birmingham, AL, United States Open 12
Princess Cinema Princess Cinema Blackpool, United Kingdom Open 1
RJ Cinema Distillery and Taproom RJ Cinema Distillery and Taproom Cincinnati, OH, United States Open 8
Radio City Radio City Valencia, Spain Open 1
Raleigh Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Grill Raleigh Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ... Raleigh, NC, United States Open 11
Regal Cinema Regal Cinema Melton Mowbray, United Kingdom Open 1
Royale Theatre Royale Theatre Northbridge, Australia Open 1
Santikos Galaxy Theatre Santikos Galaxy Theatre San Antonio, TX, United States Open 10
Schaubuhne Lindenfels Schaubuhne Lindenfels Leipzig, Germany Open 1
Screenland Armour Screenland Armour North Kansas City, MO, United States Open 2
St. Johns Theater & Pub St. Johns Theater & Pub Portland, OR, United States Open 1