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spectrum commented about Campus Cinemas on Mar 27, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Since at least 1969, this was known as Campus Cinemas and it was actually a triplex.

The auditoriums each held just over 500 seats, with golden draperies on the sides (felt like they were made of fiberglass, behind them were cinderblock walls), and steps up to emergency exits on each side of the screen. They were identical in size and layout except Cinema 1 had a separate inner lobby (I don’t know why – perhaps that one had been added later, but from the outside rear of the building it looked like it was all a single construction) They were the main cinemas for Amherst at the time (being approx. 600 feet from the line between Amherst and Hadley) but it was all 2nd run. They opened in 1965, when the rest of Campus Plaza was built.

After the Mountain Farms Four Theatres opened in early 1974, they struggled to compete, eventually dropping to 3rd run and finally porno flicks before closing in 1976.

Zayre’s closed in 1981, and Stop & Shop moved into their space in the spring of 1983. That summer, the Campus Cinemas were demolished. About ten years later, the Stop & Ship expanded west and connected with the new T. J. Maxx store which was built on the site of the cinemas.

The Campus Cinemas were a lot nicer that the Mountain Farms Four theatres – larger and with bigger screens. Too bad they were not able to compete.