Movie Theaters Previously Operated by Cinema Grill Systems Circuit of Georgia

Showing 21 movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Aloma Cinema Grill Aloma Cinema Grill Winter Park, FL, United States Open 2
Annapolis Cinema Grill Annapolis Cinema Grill Annapolis, MD, United States Closed 2
Aurora Cinema Grill Aurora Cinema Grill Aurora, CO, United States Closed 3
Balboa Theatre Balboa Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Open 2
Chandler Cinemas Chandler Cinemas Chandler, AZ, United States Closed 10
Cinema 6 Cinema 6 Port Richey, FL, United States Open 6
Cinema Grill Yorktown Cinema Grill Yorktown Edina, MN, United States Closed 2
Clearwater Cinema Café Clearwater Cinema Café Clearwater, FL, United States Closed 2
Eastland Mall Cinemas Eastland Mall Cinemas Charlotte, NC, United States Closed 3
Fargo Cinema Grill Fargo Cinema Grill Fargo, ND, United States Closed 3
GCC Furneaux Creek Cinemas I-VII GCC Furneaux Creek Cinemas I-VII Carrollton, TX, United States Closed 1
Granada Theater Granada Theater Dallas, TX, United States Open 1
Harrisburg Cinema Grill Harrisburg Cinema Grill Harrisburg, PA, United States Closed 2
Latrobe 30 Cinema & Café Latrobe 30 Cinema & Café Latrobe, PA, United States Open 2
Lexington Cinema Grill Lexington Cinema Grill Lexington, KY, United States Closed 2
Maximo Cinema 'n' Drafthouse Maximo Cinema 'n' Drafthouse St. Petersburg, FL, United States Closed 1
North Springs Cinema Grill North Springs Cinema Grill Atlanta, GA, United States Closed 2
Park Cinema 'n' Drafthouse Park Cinema 'n' Drafthouse Pinellas Park, FL, United States Closed 1
Roxie Cinema Roxie Cinema San Francisco, CA, United States Open 1
Screens at the Continent Screens at the Continent Columbus, OH, United States Closed 8
Terrace Tap House Theatre Terrace Tap House Theatre Knoxville, TN, United States Closed 2

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