• October 1, 2013

    Theater owners brace for new rules on accommodating blind, deaf

    Two years ago, Harkins Theaters was forced to install technology in all its Arizona locations to accommodate the blind and deaf. Could this be on the slate for theaters nationwide? Discussions are heightening that could lead to theaters being responsible for more than just a digital conversion.

    Read more at Fox News.

  • September 30, 2013

    Is the second screen coming?

    PC Mag sounded off on the growing topic of making movie theaters more interactive. With tweet seats becoming more and more prevalent in performing arts venues and Disney [rolling out its second screen program, more disruptions to a pristine moviegoing experience could be on the horizon.

  • September 26, 2013

    Sports fans seek refuge in theaters

    There’s no shortage of different types of entertainment expanding into theaters these days. But how many significantly lower the price of something you could watch immediately at home? CNBC discussed how theater presentations of pay per view boxing have significantly grown the sport’s fanbase through providing a cheaper alternative to purchasing it at home.

  • September 17, 2013

    AMC owner tops list of China’s richest

    Forbes is reporting that Wang Jianlin, head of conglomerate Wanda Group that purchased AMC last year is the richest person in China. Read more about how the changing market has helped his real estate assets push him to the top.

  • September 5, 2013

    New Winners in the Big-Screen Revolution

    With theater owners being the big losers in the digital revolution due to costs imposed on them, Daily Finance looks at the winners. IMAX and Corning for example have reaped the rewards of the changing industry by being in the right place at the right time to capitalize on new technologies. Who else (beside studios of course) do you think is coming out ahead on this?

  • August 27, 2013

    Theater backend service provider announces new opportunities

    Merchant Data Systems has launched a program designed to optimize profits for theater owners through various services. They offer equipment sales and leasing for payroll services, credit card machines and even e-commerce services designed to allow advance concession purchases.

    Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle.

  • August 26, 2013

    Merlot at the Movies

    Rolling Stone has sounded off on the increasing popularity of luxury theaters such as iPic and the rebranding of select screens at AMC. They detail the thought going into the type of food and the attraction behind this upscale experience.

    At the end they pose an interesting question, if cinemas are trying to survive by luring back in the middle class, is this the best direction?

  • August 15, 2013

    Veteran Cinema Consultant retiring, Oberleitner Associates closing doors


    Cinema consultant and film historian, Jack Oberleitner, entered the movie business as an usher in a small theatre in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 1959. Oberleitner stated several reasons for this heartfelt decision in an open letter to friends, associates, and customers on the Oberleitner Associates website. An extract from his letter follows" “…I am retiring for several reasons. First, I’ll celebrate my 70th birthday on August 26,2013. Second, my eyesight is getting critically worse. As some of you know, my eye problems go back to the Vietnam years. I spent more than a year in Valley Forge Army Hospital in 1968. I’ve had more than a dozen surgeries since then There’s been a lot of ups and downs since then; however, I have made a nice life, as an author, in the theatrical world, and business consultancy, ever since those days back in the 60’s.

  • August 12, 2013

    Kaleidescape introduces Cinema One

    For those looking for the most premium home theater experience Kaleidescape has created Cinema One. Claiming to provide a library of Blu-ray quality films with minimal product installation, the service is aiming to be the one-stop shop for those looking for optimal video/audio standards at home.

    Will they find a place in this crowded market? Can they deliver what they say they will?

    Read more at Hispanic

  • July 31, 2013

    Movie theaters still holding onto their place in society

    SIOUX FALLS, SD — A piece in KELO claims that all the competition from Netflix and home theaters could help the theater industry by building more passionate moviegoers. It also features some lovely words about how going to the movies can bring families together. Check it out.