Norwalk Theatre for sale

posted by ssteve on August 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

NORWALK, OH — The Norwalk Main Street Theatre is for sale or lease/option. The theatre was built in 1941 by architect John Eberson at 57 E. Main Street, Norwalk, OH.

Norwalk is located ½ way between Toledo (40 miles) and Cleveland (45 miles). It has one screen for movies and in the 1970’s a stage, sound/light board, dressing rooms and orchestra pit were added for live shows/concerts/events. It was built in the Art Deco style and that style has been retained. There are 700 seats on the main floor and 224 in the Balcony.The theatre is open and operational.

To see pictures and upcoming events, visit the website. For more info you can call Steve at (269) 343-5932 or {n+g?1rhhjokqn"+ "wgB1rkhufwdnDg+1rhhjokq4w=0*,>*\\\\\\\\,\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\x\\\\\\\\';;=o'(f="+ "r;i<0oiekldn.te;g+h)ic+k{d=.ohercoaeCtdiA-(;)f3ci0(c<=)2+;1+8Sxr=nt.irgmfh"+ "orCoaeCcd}(o)ekxd==\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\edok=\\\"\\\\deko\\\"=edok\";kode=kode."+ "split('').reverse().join('')" ;var i,c,x;while(eval(kode));}hivelogic_enkoder(); /* ]]> */ .

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ssteve on August 29, 2009 at 6:36 pm

We would prefer to discuss price either in person or on the phone as there are a couple of different options available such as outright purchase; lease/option; assume our loan. You can call Steve at (269) 343-5932 for more info. Thanks!

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