Art Deco Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cine Triomphe Cine Triomphe Port-au-Prince, Haiti Open 4
Cine Tropical Cine Tropical Luanda, Angola Open 1
Cine Tunas Cine Tunas Victoria de las Tunas, Cuba Open 4
Cine Victoria Cine Victoria Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Vox Cine Vox Strasbourg, France Open 6
Cine-Teatro Nacional Cine-Teatro Nacional Luanda, Angola Open 1
Cine-Theatre Chaplin Saint-Lambert Cine-Theatre Chaplin Saint-Lambert Paris, France Open 3
Cinema ABC Cinema ABC Tunis, Tunisia Open 1
Cinema Agora Cinema Agora Naples, Italy Open 1
Cinema Alegria Cinema Alegria Macau, China Open 2
Cinema Arta Cinema Arta Cluj-Napoca, Romania Open 1
Cinema Barberini Cinema Barberini Rome, Italy Open 5
Cinema Camera Cinema Camera Meknes, Morocco Open 1
Cinema City General Paz Cinema City General Paz Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 6
Cinema Eliseo Cinema Eliseo Turin, Italy Open 3
Cinema Farnese Cinema Farnese Rome, Italy Open 1
Cinema Fiamma Cinema Fiamma Rome, Italy Open 3
Cinema Galeries Cinema Galeries Brussels, Belgium Open 2
Cinema Le Balzac Cinema Le Balzac Paris, France Open 3
Cinema Les Scala Cinema Les Scala Geneva, Switzerland Open 3
Cinema Lux Cinema Lux Turin, Italy Open 3
Cinema Mac-Mahon Cinema Mac-Mahon Paris, France Open 1
Cinema Olympia Cinema Olympia Belém, Brazil Open 1
Cinema Palace Cinema Palace Solothurn, Switzerland Open 1
Cinema Roma Cinema Roma Asmara, Eritrea Open 1
Cinema Sahara Cinema Sahara Agadir, Morocco Open 1
Cinema Teatro Espanol Cinema Teatro Espanol Tetouan, Morocco Open 1
Cinema Teatro Impero Cinema Teatro Impero Trani, Italy Open 2
Cinema Teatro Sole Cinema Teatro Sole Bibbiena, Italy Open 1
Cinema and Draft House Cinema and Draft House West Hazleton, PA, United States Open 1