Movie Theaters With Between 1000 and 1999 Seats

Showing 361 - 390 of 1,420 active movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cineplex Titania Cineplex Titania Berlin, Germany Open 7
Cineplex Truro Cineplex Truro Millbrook, Canada Open 7
CineplexX Bolzano CineplexX Bolzano Bolzano, Italy Open 7
Cinepolis Bhopal Cinepolis Bhopal Bhopal, India Open 7
Cinepolis Inglewood IMAX Cinepolis Inglewood IMAX Inglewood, CA, United States Open 12
Cinepolis Mais Shopping Cinepolis Mais Shopping Sao Paulo, Brazil Open 8
Cinerama El Pacifico Cinerama El Pacifico Lima, Peru Open 12
Cinerama Filmtheater Cinerama Filmtheater Rotterdam, Netherlands Open 7
Cinergy Marble Falls Cinergy Marble Falls Marble Falls, TX, United States Open 8
Cinergy Midland Cinergy Midland Midland, TX, United States Open 11
Cinergy Tulsa Cinergy Tulsa Tulsa, OK, United States Open 8
Cines Albeniz Cines Albeniz Malaga, Spain Open 4
Cines Callao Cines Callao Madrid, Spain Open 2
Cines Comedia Cines Comedia Barcelona, Spain Open 5
Cines Renoir Floridablanca Cines Renoir Floridablanca Barcelona, Spain Open 7
Cines Renoir Princesa Cines Renoir Princesa Madrid, Spain Open 11
Cinestar Neumünster Cinestar Neumünster Neumünster, Germany Open 7
Cinesystem Recreio Shopping Cinesystem Recreio Shopping Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 4
Cineteatro Macau Cineteatro Macau Macau, China Open 3
Cinetoile Malley Lumiere Cinetoile Malley Lumiere Prilly, Switzerland Open 6
Cineworld Cinema - Aldershot Cineworld Cinema - Aldershot Aldershot, United Kingdom Open 7
Cineworld Cinema - Bedford Cineworld Cinema - Bedford Bedford, United Kingdom Open 6
Cineworld Cinema - Bexleyheath Cineworld Cinema - Bexleyheath Bexleyheath, United Kingdom Open 9
Cineworld Cinema - Birmingham NEC Cineworld Cinema - Birmingham NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom Open 11
Cineworld Cinema - Braintree Cineworld Cinema - Braintree Braintree, United Kingdom Open 12
Cineworld Cinema - Broughton Cineworld Cinema - Broughton Broughton, United Kingdom Open 11
Cineworld Cinema - Burton-upon-Trent Cineworld Cinema - Burton-upon-T... Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom Open 9
Cineworld Cinema - Bury St Edmunds Cineworld Cinema - Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom Open 8
Cineworld Cinema - Cheltenham Cineworld Cinema - Cheltenham Cheltenham, United Kingdom Open 14
Cineworld Cinema - Chesterfield Cineworld Cinema - Chesterfield Chesterfield, United Kingdom Open 10