Single Screen Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Town Oval Town Oval Onslow, Australia Open 1
Town of Ramapo Cultural Arts Center Town of Ramapo Cultural Arts Center Spring Valley, NY, United States Open 1
Towne Theatre Towne Theatre Ephraim, UT, United States Open 1
Towne Theatre Towne Theatre Vernon, Canada Open 1
Towner Cinema Towner Cinema Eastbourne, United Kingdom Open 1
Towngate Theatre & Cinema Towngate Theatre & Cinema Wheeling, WV, United States Open 1
Traco Theater Traco Theater Toms River, NJ, United States Open 1
Tradewinds Theater Tradewinds Theater Roi-Namur, Marshall Islands Open 1
Traer Theatre Traer Theatre Traer, IA, United States Open 1
Trail Theatre Trail Theatre St. Joseph, MO, United States Open 1
Treasury Theatre Treasury Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 1
Trianon Trianon Romainville, France Open 1
Tribune Family Theater Tribune Family Theater Tribune, KS, United States Open 1
Trinity Arts Centre Trinity Arts Centre Gainsborough, United Kingdom Open 1
Triskel Christchurch Cinema Triskel Christchurch Cinema Cork, Ireland Open 1
Trowa Theatre Trowa Theatre Thimphu, Bhutan Open 1
Troxy Stepney Troxy Stepney London, United Kingdom Open 1
Troyes Cinema Troyes Cinema Petawawa, Canada Open 1
Tru-Vu Drive-In Tru-Vu Drive-In Delta, CO, United States Open 1
Trustees Theater Trustees Theater Savannah, GA, United States Open 1
Trylon Cinema Trylon Cinema Minneapolis, MN, United States Open 1
Tryon Theatre Tryon Theatre Tryon, NC, United States Open 1
Turistarama Turistarama Köln, Germany Open 1
Turkmenistan Cinema Turkmenistan Cinema Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Open 1
Turnage Theater Turnage Theater Washington, NC, United States Open 1
Twilight Drive-In Twilight Drive-In Langley, Canada Open 1
Twilite Drive-In Twilite Drive-In Wolseley, Canada Open 1
Twin City Drive-In Twin City Drive-In Bristol, TN, United States Open 1
Twin City Opera House Twin City Opera House McConnelsville, OH, United States Open 1
Twin Valley Players Colonnade Twin Valley Players Colonnade Millersburg, PA, United States Open 1