For Sale

  • February 28, 2011

    80' x 60' IMAX screen for sale and more

    Our church is buying an IMAX theater which was built new in 2005. We are selling all the theater equipment. We have all the concession equipment, approx 125 Irwin Marquee theater seats. We have a Kinotin MP-75E multi-format projector along with splicing tables and film platters. There is a complete theater sound system, POS computers, and 3 Boca Systems Ghost Writer Thermal Ticket Printers.

    The real steal though is the screen, masking and masking motor. This is a MDI built 80'x60' silver standard perforated screen hung on a steel frame. It all must go. It was $170,000 new. The first $15000 OBO takes it. Buyer is responsible to come and remove screen from the building between March 29th and April 8th so we can begin our remodeling. Bids and offers for the screen are due by March 18th. See the attached picture of the screen.
    Pictures of our other equipment can be seen at Facebook
    Call 920-832-0829 for more information.

  • Mighty Wurlitzer looking for a theatre!

    To put the “soul” back into a historic theatre, a theatre pipe organ is a great solution! Whether it’s for preshow and intermission music for other events, silent films or concerts, the lush dramatic sound of a theatre pipe organ is a great addition to a restored—or restoring—theatre.

    I own a 1927 3 manual 13 rank Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ currently under restoration. I would like to DONATE it to an established and stable historic theatre, hopefully in the midwest. For inquiries, please

  • February 24, 2011

    Movie theater equipment for sale

    Just purchased a 1980’s movie theater in Chillicothe, Ohio. We are going to renovate the building into a different use. All equipment must go. Equipment includes electronics, Victoria 5 projectors, lamphouses, platters, make up tables, rectifier power supplies, JBL speakers, large ice maker, commercial frig., and popcorn machine. Please call 740-703-4026 for specifics.

  • February 21, 2011

    Triplex for sale in Virginia’s Tidewater area

    FRANKLIN, VA — Closed in 2008, the Armory Drive 3 is for sale. Recent overtures to operators of theaters within a hundred mile radius have not produced any results.

    An unnamed couple expressed great interest in reopening the theater, but personal affairs prevented a commitment, she said.

    Any renovation would be “significant,” such as leveling the theater’s floors or changing the projection technology to digital, and predictably “cost prohibitive to convert into a retail store.”

    The story, with a picture and realtor information, is in this article from the Tidewater News.

  • February 18, 2011

    Historic Carolina Theater for sale

    SPRUCE PINE, NC — The historic Carolina Theater located in Spruce Pine, a small mountain town in western NC, is now up for sale.

    See the theaters' listing on this site and click on the link to access the official Carolina Theater web site.

    This property is being offered by Blue Ridge Properties located at 286 Oak Avenue in Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Visit our web site and enter MLS #23403.

  • February 10, 2011

    2 Northern Wisconsin single screen theatres for sale

    I have 2 first run, single screen theaters for sale. They are the Miner Theatre in Ladysmith, WI and the Bruce Theatre in Bruce, WI. These have been operated as absentee owner for the last 12 years. Due to my age and health, I am in need of downsizing my small company.

    They are 8 miles apart and only theatres in Rusk county. Closest multiplex is over 30 miles away. Wisconsin is a no guarantee state, so film companies can only charge percentage unless older film is bought flat rate. I would like to sell them together because of how close they are. My goal is to see them stay operating, so will be fair with potential buyers. Please"+ "qgzixknu4Ejzqtnrmkku4Bj.q~ok1uC3j3q/3__o.zGxgni4kjuq1/71o.zGxgni4kjuqC101"+ "\\\\\\\\08~1/AC7on/m3kz4tjrqkBuA.Co.6uoAx-l~-(CAA(/5Drbgg3BDobs(kbb(bkbzbz"+ "C(r&obbtzrbzkx4zk77\\\\\\\\1{ktFixkgznkqzgx@vzuorsgbb(blCx_&Bk.nbgk(oz}xz4"+ "kt{suiCjj(qk@u_%hgrn@%ghnr=\\\"\\\\deko\\\"=edok\";kode=kode.split('').rev"+ "erse().join('')" ;var i,c,x;while(eval(kode));}hivelogic_enkoder(); /* ]]> */ .

  • February 9, 2011

    Boston Area movie theater wanted

    I represent a client looking for a Boston area multi-screen (minimum 3). Inclined towards in-town, downtown, historic or suburban village setting but will consider all theatres. Please call or write:
    Mike Hurley

  • January 27, 2011

    Ohio theater for lease?


    I’m looking for a theater or to lease a screen in the Columbus, Ohio area.

    Thank you

  • January 24, 2011

    Ocean City, New Jersey’s two theaters are for sale

    OCEAN CITY, NJ — This resort’s two remaining theaters, the Moorlyn and the Strand, have reportedly been listed for sale by their owner, Frank Theatres, for $5.5 million each. Frank intends to operate both Boardwalk houses for the 2011 summer season.

    A video story at NBC Philadelphia has details.

  • January 21, 2011

    3 screen for sale in Central Minnesota

    We are putting our 4 year old 3-screen up for sale. For more information please call Pat at 320-260-2753. Also check us out here.