• September 13, 2005

    The Producers

    In the new upcoming feature film “The Producers”, during the opening titles, they have recreated Times Square — like Steven Spielberg did in his film “1941” — of Hollywood Blvd.

    The production has taken artistic liberties in some placements of theatres in the square, because of types of marquees and neon signage. This model is not a full model of the square, but of major parts and signage. The Palace Theatre is missing, the Victoria Theatre is now one block north of the Mayfair Theatre. The Beacon Theatre is now located where the Criterion was.

    Before people start saying why did they change history or change what Times Square looked like. Be glad they included this very short (about 20 seconds) look back in time of what Times Square looked like in the past. It looks much nicer than the real Times Square of today.

  • July 22, 2005

    Theatre Cameos in “The Island” (2005)

    The United Artists Theatre along with the Michigan Theatre make two nice cameos in The Island.

  • January 11, 2005

    A Prison of Art?

    Ok, so Atlanta’s High Museum of Art doesn’t really show films…but… in the first Hannibal Lecter movie, “Manhunter” (re-made as Red Dragon) the sinister Dr. Lecter is housed in the landmark museum.

    Irrelevant, but intriging.


  • December 27, 2004

    Optic Theater in Downtown Los Angeles Circa 1913

    The Optic Theater formerly located on Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles can be seen extensively in the 1913 Mack Sennett comedy “Mabel’s Dramatic Career”. Sennett himself is seen inside and outside the then Nickelodeon known as Woodley’s Optic. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle is also seen inside.

    You can see the postercases and the floral design walkway leading from the sidewalk to the entrance doors but the marquee is never shown. Inside, the entire auditorium is seen including the piano being played by an unidentified woman. A large poster outside proclaims the next change to be another Sennett film “At Twelve O'clock” and a large board behind it advertises “Big Amateur Contest every Tues. & Thurs. nights..two shows”.

  • December 24, 2004

    Highland Theatre Cameo In “The Singing Detective”

    LOS ANGELES, CA — Keith Gordon’s 2003 theatrically released (and beautifully photographed) remake of the mid-1980s British television production “The Singing Detective” contains a brief night shot of the south side wall and the lighted rooftop marquee of the Highland Theatre in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles.

    The view is from a side street across Figueroa Street from the theatre, and the front of the building is obscured, but the bright lights of the rooftop sign are a splendidly evocative sight standing out in the mostly dark scene, perfect for the Noir atmosphere of the movie.

  • December 15, 2004

    Paramount Peekskill Seen In “Alfie”

    PEEKSKILL, NY — On his way to visit Omar Epps and Nia Long somewhere in upstate New York, Jude Law’s character drives by the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill.

    Great shot of the marquee!

  • December 13, 2004

    Being Julia Theater Interior

    Can anyone identify the interior of the theater that
    appears in the film Being Julia and its location, plus the exterior of the theater?

    Thanks very much.

    John Chappell

  • December 2, 2004

    Jessica Simpson Video Features Atmospheric Theatre?

    While I was browsing through some music videos on the web, I stumbled upon this music video.

    It seems to have been filmed in a beautiful atmospheric theatre, but does anyone know which theater this is?

  • October 22, 2004

    Westwood Theater Cameo in Resident Evil 2

    TORONTO, CANADA — The Westwood Theater has a cameo in the movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

    It’s in the part where a guy is on the roof of the theater shooting at zombies. They also show you a seen where they’re inside and outside of the theater.

    The Westwood was located in Toronto, Ontario and is now a parking lot unfortunately.

  • September 27, 2004

    Orange Theatre

    ORANGE, CA — The Orange Theatre (now the Son Light Christian Center) was transformed into the Redmond Movie Palace for the film"First Daughter". In 1996, it also had a supporting role as the Regent Theatre in the Tom Hanks film “That Thing You Do!”

    Photos of the Orange Theatre in full makeup for these roles can be seen on the Son Light website.

    Other movies listed on Internet Movie Data Base as being filmed nearby Orange Circle include “Black Sheep” (1996), “Havoc” (2000), “The Man Who Wasn’t There” (2001), and “Surviving Christmas” (2004).