Spain’s cinema review 2010

posted by Ing. Juraj Misun, PhD. on April 1, 2011 at 3:40 pm

The Spanish Ministry of Culture published lately the cinema and exhibition statistics for the last year.

The number of cinema sites grew with nine new theaters to 860. The actual screen number is 4 080 (two screens less over December 31, 2009). The statistics neither included the number of digital screens nor 3D-capable screens in the country. According to Media Salles, a project operating within the European Union’s MEDIA Programme, Spain had 750 digital screens at the end of 2010, almost tripling the 2009’s count, but still less than one fifth of all the screens.

Every major movie market reports some specific statistics. Among those from Spain are the highest grossing screens of the country, but without concrete revenue numbers. The king of this indicator is the auditorium number 25 in the world largest theatre Kinepolis Madrid. In the top 10 Kinepolis has three more screens with screen #6 in Madrid at the eight position and screens #23 and #24, both in Valencia, at the ninth and tenth position. The second highest grossing screen in Spain is the winner for last four years, an IMAX screen located in Barcelona. A little surprise is on the fifth position, a screen located on the holiday island Tenerife (Yelmo Meridiano, screen #1).

The box office revenues fell slightly to 662.3 million Euro (-1.3 per cent), mostly due to the weak performance of the domestic movies. The Spanish films received a huge 23.1 percentage fall to 80.3 million Euros, even there were two more domestic movies released (367). Foreign films could not help the whole market with a rise (2.6 per cent) to 582 million Euros. The admissions fell to 101.6 millions (-7.6 per cent) and were also affected by the weakness of the domestic production (-26 per cent, 12.9 million admissions).

Regional, the provinces with the highest share on the box office were Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Málaga. The interesting fact is that in Barcelona are almost as many screens (523) as in the capital city Madrid (570), even Barcelona has approximately one million fewer habitants. The contributions to box office revenues were 16.6 per cent or 22.6 per cent respectively.

The top-grossing film of 2010 was Avatar. With 50.4 million Euro revenues it more than doubled the box office numbers of the second Toy Story 3 (24.9 million Euros). Thanks to the success of Avatar Hispano FOX Film topped the list of the highest grossing distributors. Warner Bros Entertainment España was the second and The Walt Disney Company Iberia the third.

Reviews for France, the United Kingdom and Italy should follow later with the publishing of their statistical yearbooks.

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