IMAX Debuts New MPX Screen

posted by Patrick Crowley on December 1, 2003 at 8:10 am

LANSING, MI — Celebration! Cinema has installed the very first IMAX MPX screen, according to a report in the State News. MPX is a new, low-cost version of IMAX that’s designed specifically for use in traditional multiplex and megaplex theaters.

Here’s how IMAX’s press release described the new system:

“The IMAX MPX projection system projects 15/70 film, the largest and clearest film format in the world, onto screens up to 70ft. x 44ft. that are curved and tilted forward to further immerse the audience. The theatres, which can seat up to 350 people, will utilize IMAX’s proprietary sound system, comprised of multi-channel uncompressed 24bit digital audio. The projector is capable of playing both 2D (long version) and 3D films, and installs into a standard 35mm projection booth.”

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sdoerr on December 1, 2003 at 8:37 am

Wow, before we know it IMAX will be taking over the theatres! Thanks for the news. Maybe I can travel to Lansing to see it! Also Patrick if you are reading this, the add a theatre doesn’t work….

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