Drive-In Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Narrow Gauge Drive-In Narrow Gauge Drive-In Farmington, ME, United States Open 1
Neptune Drive-In Neptune Drive-In Shediac, Canada Open 1
New Kingston Drive-In New Kingston Drive-In Kingston, Jamaica Open 1
New US 23 Drive-In New US 23 Drive-In Flint, MI, United States Open 3
Northfield Drive-In Northfield Drive-In Hinsdale, NH, United States Open 1
Ocala Drive-In Ocala Drive-In Ocala, FL, United States Open 2
Oodnadatta Drive-In Oodnadatta Drive-In Oodnadatta, Australia Open 1
Outdoor Cinema Outdoor Cinema Amsterdam, Netherlands Open 1
Overlook Drive-In Overlook Drive-In Poughkeepsie, NY, United States Open 1
Oxford Drive-In Oxford Drive-In Woodstock, Canada Open 1
Ozoner 29 Drive-In Ozoner 29 Drive-In Broadalbin, NY, United States Open 2
Palace Gardens Drive-In Palace Gardens Drive-In Indiana, PA, United States Open 1
Pannawonica Drive-In Pannawonica Drive-In Pannawonica, Australia Open 1
Paraburdoo Open Air Gardens and Drive-In Paraburdoo Open Air Gardens and ... Paraburdoo, Australia Open 1
Paramount Drive-In Theatres Paramount Drive-In Theatres Paramount, CA, United States Open 2
Park Drive-In Park Drive-In Prince George, Canada Open 1
Park Place Drive-In Park Place Drive-In Marion, VA, United States Open 1
Parkway Drive-In Parkway Drive-In Maryville, TN, United States Open 1
Parma Motor Vu Drive-In Parma Motor Vu Drive-In Parma, ID, United States Open 1
Pheasant City Drive-In Pheasant City Drive-In Redfield, SD, United States Open 1
Pheasant Drive-In Pheasant Drive-In Mobridge, SD, United States Open 1
Phoenix Drive-In Phoenix Drive-In Houston, MO, United States Open 1
Pike Drive-In Pike Drive-In Montgomery, PA, United States Open 3
Pine Hill Drive-In Pine Hill Drive-In Piedmont, MO, United States Open 1
Pink Cadillac Drive-In Pink Cadillac Drive-In Centerville, TN, United States Open 1
Pipestem Drive-In Pipestem Drive-In Athens, WV, United States Open 1
Point Drive-In Point Drive-In Northumberland, PA, United States Open 2
Port Elmsley Drive-In Port Elmsley Drive-In Perth, Canada Open 1
Port Hope Drive-In Port Hope Drive-In Cobourg, Canada Open 1
Portville Drive-In Portville Drive-In Portville, NY, United States Open 2