Photos favorited by Willburg145

  • <p>February 1979.</p>
  • <p>December 31, 1949 photo courtesy Postcards from old New York Facebook page.
              Christmas tree shaped lights on the Loew’s State columns.</p>
  • <p>Looking Back 75 Years to V-E Day Crowds (May 8th, 1945)</p>
  • <p>The Bible - … In The Beginning</p>
              <p>directed by John Huston
              presented in Dimension-150  70MM 6 track stereo
              World Premiere on September 28th 1966
              reserved seat engagement</p>
  • <p>Empire Theatre 10 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221 from the Gates Ave. Station</p>
  • <p>“The Showplace of Brooklyn” (Easter Week, 1957)</p>
  • <p>Back auditorium wall in the Colonial Theatre showing the projector cutouts circa 1925 in Brooklyn.</p>
  • <p>Auditorium as church</p>
  • <p>Another photo of the Beverly theatre although it’s abit out of focus, I thought it was worth posting. The year was 1955.</p>
  • <p>Corner view in Municipal Tax Photo (1940)</p>
  • <p>Alba Theatre 1940s tax photo</p>
  • <p>Alba Theatre 1940s tax photo</p>
  • <p>As seen in BLOODBROTHERS (1978).</p>
  • <p>Side view of original auditorium (1910)</p>
  • <p>Auditorium towards stage</p>
  • <p>In June 2017, the front gate was open at this theater in Newark, NJ.</p>
  • <p>Adams theater newark</p>