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  • <p>Orginal proceenium in lobby.</p>
  • <p>Boxoffice, 10/20/56.</p>
  • <p>My Great Aunt Birdie, second from right, with friends, at the door of the Moore Theatre, Orpheum Vaudeville. I suspect this is the Seattle Theatre in this discussion. Birdie and family lived in Vancouver BC and had close relatives in Seattle.</p>
  • <p>June 21st, 1967 better quality ad</p>
  • <p>The deco relief / frieze on the north façade of the theatre is known as “The Dancer”. It stems from days of the Paradise Theatre (1938), a reworking by architect by Thomas Kerr of the Globe Theatre (1912-1913), which became the Coronet Cinema (1965) after being reworked by architect Ross A. Lort. The “Coronet” sign was removed in a 1986 renovation, when the theatre became the Empire Granville 7. This façade is considered heritage, but it has no protection and could be demolished.</p>