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Favorite theaters: 46 theaters

Favorite movies: Roma Ore 11( aka: Rome 11 O'Clock; The Searchers, Fighting Devil Dogs(serial); Salvatore Giuliano, Porte Aperte, Anna-1951Italian version; Three Mesquiteer westerns; Hopalong Cassidy westerns; Zane Grey Paramount westerns; Corona Di Ferro, Scipione l'Africanus; Der Kaiser Von Kalifornien, I, Condotierri, Te Spider's Web-serial, Riso Amaro, Miss Italia, La Famiglia, Der Berg Ruft, The Mysterians-aka: Chikyu Boeigun, The Black Cat-1934 version, Gung Ho-1943, Battle Cry, International House, The Bank Dick, The Painted Stallion-serial, Bride of Frankenstein, Big Broadcast-1932, Executive Action-1973, plus many others too numerous to mention in all genres and from different Countries----I have been a collector for oer 40 years, 1st 16mm, then video, and now dvd & video....Always love to talk about Classic films----Joe From Florida---sasheegm

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