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  • <p>It’s August 5, 1977 and time for E&B Enterprises to launch the Radford Hills Cinema 3 in the shopping center of the same name. E&B’s Circuit had 35 theaters at the time it opened teaming with Cinema Southwest Inc. The 9,900 sq. ft. facility was built at a cost of $580,000 with each identical auditorium seating 300 and screen size of 14x28'. Each screen had its Optical Radiation Corp. Orcon II platter projection system and was automated.</p>
  • <p>My dad Paul West was the Gen.Mgr. from 1949-1963
              also La Nora, Capri, La vista, and Pampa Drive in.</p>
  • <p>December 16th, 1949 grand opening ad</p>
  • <p>May 18th, 1960 grand opening ad</p>