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Diddy commented about Forum 1 & 2 Theatres on Jan 25, 2006 at 6:16 pm

The Forum (or The State as it was known up until being twinned) is largely intact and retains a lot of Eberson’s gorgeous atmospheric charm.
The main auditorium still has twinkly stars against a blue sky backdrop (admittedly the sky is a bit chipped and tatty) and there are still even fake cypress pines and a suspended ‘flying’ dove on the side of the auditorium there…I assume they haven’t been touched for years.

The lower auditorium is now mainly used as an alternative rock/music venue with acts such as Beck, Supergrass and Jamiroquai playing over the past years .The front seats have been removed as a dance area and the rear stalls replaced with booths. I used to see movies there as a kid in the ‘80’s and was always awestruck by the incredible interior (and exterior), Its funny to go there now and over hear comments from younger first timers at concerts in awe of the fabulous over the top architecture.

The upper auditorium interior hasn’t really changed apart from the addition of the screen when it was twinned and retains the incredible projection booth that sticks out at the back (looks like an Italian barn or something) Its pretty much in disuse at the moment despite having excellent projection and being fully Dolby equipped in the ‘80’s,