Movie Theaters Operating as a Classic Movies

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↓ Name Location Status Screens
Libanus 1877 Libanus 1877 Borth, United Kingdom Open 1
Les Cinemas du Grütli Les Cinemas du Grütli Geneva, Switzerland Open 2
Leigh Film Factory Leigh Film Factory Leigh, United Kingdom Open 1
Leeds Center for the Arts Leeds Center for the Arts Winchester, KY, United States Open 1
Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Laurelhurst Theater & Pub Portland, OR, United States Open 4
Lark Theater Lark Theater Larkspur, CA, United States Open 1
Lafayette Theatre Lafayette Theatre Suffern, NY, United States Open 1
LaRu - Kino in the Spinnerei LaRu - Kino in the Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany Open 1
Kretchman's Pub Cinema Kretchman's Pub Cinema Webster, MA, United States Open 1
Kress Cinema & Lounge Kress Cinema & Lounge Greeley, CO, United States Open 2
Kinosaal 813 Kinosaal 813 Köln, Germany Open 1
Kinopanorama Kinopanorama Kyiv, Ukraine Open 1
Kino im Waldhorn Kino im Waldhorn Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany Open 1
Kino Union Friedrichshagen Kino Union Friedrichshagen Berlin, Germany Open 3
Kino Ponrepo Kino Ponrepo Prague, Czech Republic Open 1
Kino Pionier Kino Pionier Szczecin, Poland Open 2
Kino Open Air Kino Open Air Ingolstadt, Germany Open 1
Kings Theatre Kings Theatre Brooklyn, NY, United States Open 1
King Theatre King Theatre Ida Grove, IA, United States Open 1
Kiggins Theatre Kiggins Theatre Vancouver, WA, United States Open 1
KiMo Theatre KiMo Theatre Albuquerque, NM, United States Open 1
Kent Theatre Kent Theatre Cedar Springs, MI, United States Open 1
Kay Theatre Kay Theatre Rockdale, TX, United States Open 1
Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie Indianapolis, IN, United States Open 4
Jill Craigie Cinema Jill Craigie Cinema Plymouth, United Kingdom Open 1
Jersey Arts Centre Jersey Arts Centre St. Helier, Jersey Open 1
Jean Cocteau Cinema Jean Cocteau Cinema Santa Fe, NM, United States Open 1
Japan Society Japan Society New York, NY, United States Open 1
Jam Jar Cinema Jam Jar Cinema Whitley Bay, United Kingdom Open 3
Irving Theater Irving Theater Indianapolis, IN, United States Open 1