• January 28, 2004

    Are Old Theater Passes Collectible?

    Geoff Welch writes… “I have a few passes to theatres that were once in Roanoke Va. Does anyone know about any information about the theaters? Are the passes collectable?”

  • Looking for Info on the Medford Square Cinema 1 & 2

    MEDFORD, MA — I’m looking for any information anyone may have on the Medford Square Cinema 1 & 2. I went there often as a child, having seen quite a few of Disney’s original releases and re-releases in the early 1980s – ‘The Fox and the Hound’, ‘Tron’, and ‘Peter Pan’, among others — all in the upstairs (former balcony) auditorium.

  • January 27, 2004

    The Minor Theater: The Oldest Movies-Only Theater in the United States

    ARCATA, CA — A beautiful old theater still exists in our area, albeit the inside has been modernized. For those who aren’t familiar with this theater, here’s a link to a nice story about the Minor Theater on the theater’s official website…

  • December 23, 2003

    Recollections of a Cinema Projectionist

    In the dim and distant past before the 1939 war, I was introduced to the rites and mystique of showing cine films for the benefit and enjoyment of others, apart from the occasional Saturday morning visit to a local cinema with most of the other noisy youngsters in our neighbourhood.

    The knowledge of how these images were inexplicably thrown on to the screen did not mean anything until a very ancient hand-cranked 35mm Pathe ‘home-movie’ projector came our way together with a large box of film stock which consisted of four-inch spools of old black and white silent films, although some were tinted with blue or sepia-toned effects; not quite colour, but the idea was there.