• August 24, 2006

    Pablo 9 to close

    JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL — This beach adjacent theater is ending its 20 plus year run due to nearby competition.

    The Pablo 9 Theaters catered to generations at the beach. It was a “little theater that could.” Now, in a world of movie megaplexes, it finally goes dark.

    For more, read the full story in First Coast News.

  • August 18, 2006

    Jefferson Valley Mall Theater to close

    YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY — The Regal Jefferson Valley Mall Theatre is scheduled to close this weekend.

    Here’s another titan of an earlier generation shutting its doors. This was the place to go to see movies in Northern Westchester in the 1980’s(at least for those far enough north that Hawthorne was out of the way) before it became obsolete with the opening of the nearby theater in Mohegan Lake.

    “It was identified as an underperforming theater, and its lease had expired,” said Richard Grover, marketing manager with Regal Entertainment Group, which owns the theater.

    All employees will be offered jobs at another Regal-owned theater at the Cortlandt Town Center, Grover said. He declined to comment on whether the success of that more modern, 11-screen theater, which opened in 1998, with its stadium seating contributed to the demise of its Jefferson Valley rival.

    For more, read the full story in the Journal News.

  • August 15, 2006

    Eltrym Historic Theater to close

    BAKER CITY, OR — Another sad loss to the Northwest moviegoing landscape as the Eltrym Historic Theater closes:

    Instead of signs promoting the latest blockbusters, “Do Not Enter” signs adorn the front of the Eltrym Historic Theater in Baker City.

    It is the only movie theater in Baker County. But city officials forced the theater to close on Friday over safety concerns for moviegoers.

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  • August 8, 2006

    Woolton Picture House to close

    WOOLTON VILLAGE, ENGLAND — Due to the death of its owner David Wood, The Woolton Picture House will close on September 3rd, 2006.

    The picture house opened on Boxing Day 1927, originally with 700+ seats. Now they have 256 seats but it’s still a single screen. It was Merseyside’s last remaining independent cinema.

  • July 10, 2006

    Montreal’s Cinema du Parc to close

    MONTREAL, CANADA — Sadly, it appears Cinema du Parc will be closing its door in a few weeks:

    Montreal’s last English-language repertory cinema, Cinema du Parc, will close Aug. 3 because attendance has declined significantly in the past year, its owner says.

    A spokesperson for the Daniel Langlois Group, which owns the theatre, said Wednesday that it had faced stiffer competition recently because other theatres started screening similar films.

    The spokesperson said the company hopes to sell it to a group that would be interested in reopening the facility.

    “It’s really bad for films, in the sense, apart from mainstream films, we’re losing out,” said Peter Rist, a professor of film at Concordia University in Montreal.

  • June 28, 2006

    Update on the Three Penny Cinema closing

    CHICAGO, IL — The Chicago Sun Times has more detail on why the Three Penny Cinema was shut down last week:

    An exasperated City Hall has shut down the Three Penny Cinema on the North Side because of unpaid amusement taxes.

    The Three Penny, which has been a movie house since the late 1930s, is one of the few independent cinemas left in the city. Owner Jim Burrows said he’ll have to sell the business unless the city relents and accepts a settlement offer on the overdue taxes.

    “But they don’t care. They’ve told me that. They said that if they make an exception for me, then nobody will want to pay this tax,” Burrows said. He estimated owing the city $60,000 for the last five years, or $100,000 counting interest and penalties.

  • June 23, 2006

    3 Penny Cinema now closed!

    CHICAGO, IL — The 3 Penny Cinema closed last night.

    The theatre had money troubles for years and with high taxes have forced it to close.

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift opened on June 16th, and the theater also had ‘Art School Confidential’ plus ‘Friends with Money’.

    But last night, Thursday June 22nd, the owner just closed the theater.

  • May 31, 2006

    Toronto’s Festival Cinema chain is closing

    TORONTO, CANADA — On June 30, 2006, Toronto’s Festival Cinemas are closing for good. News broke two weeks ago that the Kingsway, Revue and Royal Cinemas were ceasing operation. I just got word this morning that the Paradise and Fox Cinemas are also closing, unable to go on without the other three in the chain.

    The Festival Cinemas were Toronto’s largest repertory cinema group and ran for nearly 30 years in old movie houses across the city no longer in use by the major chains. The Revue dates from 1911, the Fox from a few years later. The Kingsway, Royal and Paradise were all built in the 30’s the height of art deco cinemas.

    I’ve been a member since July 1984 and this comes as a huge blow to me. At times I got to over 70 screenings in a year — mostly at the Festival Cinemas.

    Naturally the area business communities will take a hit as the patrons who came from all over the city will not be venturing out to those neighbourhoods on a regular basis, browsing through their stores. And the biggest worry is will someone come in a tear them all down?

    During the 30 years of the Festival chain’s life, some cinemas have come and gone. The heyday came about six years ago when there were 8 in the chain including the Music Hall (now restored as a live performance venue), the Capitol (gutted to become an event-hosting venue) and the Bloor (which broke from the chain six or so years ago). Other past members included the Brighton and the Roxy.

    With the closure that leaves the Bloor, the Mount Pleasant and the Regent as Toronto’s remaining small cinemas.

    If anyone has any ideas on how we Torontonians can save at least one or two of them, please let me know!!!

    Festival Cinemas
    Article in the Toronto Star
    Editorial in Eye Magazine

    Email messages of support to:

  • May 2, 2006

    Why is the Monon Theatre closed?

    MONON, IN — Does any one know why the Monon Theatre is closed?

    I’ve gone to this great historical one screen theatre since the 60’s and cannot understand why it closed it’s doors. There are still renters in the building and the marquee is in great shape.
    Why has this indiana treasure been taken from us.

    Does anyone know the owners, would they be willing to sell?

    Please contact me at .

  • April 10, 2006

    Village Art Theatre may close

    CHICAGO, IL — The Village Art is rumored to be closing soon.

    A “For Rent Summer 2006” sign has gone up over the marquee. I have heard nothing about why this theater is closing — it is a very popular place. Perhaps they’ve lost their lease or (more likely) someone wants to build condos on the site.

    The chain for the Village Art should be listed as ‘Village Theatres’ and the website is and any information on this theater closing is appreciated.