Movie Theaters in Israel

Showing 12 open movie theaters
Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Lev Omer Lev Omer Omer, Israel Open 1
Lev Daniel Lev Daniel Herzliya, Israel Open 1
Sderot Cinematheque Sderot Cinematheque Sderot, Israel Open 1
Smadar Cinema Smadar Cinema Jerusalem, Israel Open 1
Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret Tsemach Junction, Israel Open 2
Herzliya Cinemateque Herzliya Cinemateque Herzliya, Israel Open 3
Jerusalem Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque Jerusalem, Israel Open 4
Tel Aviv Cinematheque Tel Aviv Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel Open 5
Rav-Chen Cinema Rav-Chen Cinema Tel Aviv, Israel Open 6
Lev Tel Aviv Lev Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel Open 6
Cinema City Cinema City Ramat Hasharon, Israel Open 25
Cinema City Glilot Cinema City Glilot Ramat Hasharon, Israel Open 30