Movie Theaters in Israel

Showing 12 open movie theaters
↓ Name Location Status Screens
Tel Aviv Cinematheque Tel Aviv Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel Open 5
Smadar Cinema Smadar Cinema Jerusalem, Israel Open 1
Sderot Cinematheque Sderot Cinematheque Sderot, Israel Open 1
Rav-Chen Cinema Rav-Chen Cinema Tel Aviv, Israel Open 6
Lev Tel Aviv Lev Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel Open 6
Lev Omer Lev Omer Omer, Israel Open 1
Lev Daniel Lev Daniel Herzliya, Israel Open 1
Jerusalem Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque Jerusalem, Israel Open 4
Herzliya Cinemateque Herzliya Cinemateque Herzliya, Israel Open 3
Cinema City Glilot Cinema City Glilot Ramat Hasharon, Israel Open 30
Cinema City Cinema City Ramat Hasharon, Israel Open 25
Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret Tsemach Junction, Israel Open 2