Movie Theaters in France

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↓ Name Location Status Screens
Christine 21 Christine 21 Paris, France Open 4
Chambord Chambord Marseille, France Open 4
Cesar Cesar Marseille, France Open 3
Casino d'Arras Casino d'Arras Arras, France Open 2
Cameo St. Sebastien Cameo St. Sebastien Nancy, France Open 2
Cameo Commanderie Cameo Commanderie Nancy, France Open 4
CGR Paris -  Lilas CGR Paris - Lilas Paris, France Open 7
CGR Mantes-la-Jolie CGR Mantes-la-Jolie Mantes-la-Jolie, France Open 9
CGR Le Mans Saint-Saturnain CGR Le Mans Saint-Saturnain Saint-Saturnain, France Open 12
CGR Le Mans Le Coliséé CGR Le Mans Le Coliséé Le Mans, France Open 12
CGR Lanester CGR Lanester Lanester, France Open 11
CGR La Ciotat - The Spot CGR La Ciotat - The Spot La Ciotat, France Open 8
CGR Colisee CGR Colisee Carcassonne, France Open 4
CGR Cinema Odeon CGR Cinema Odeon Cherbourg, France Open 5
CGR Brest Le Celtic CGR Brest Le Celtic Brest, France Open 8
CGR Arcades Rougé CGR Arcades Rougé Cholet, France Open 9
CGI Beaune CGI Beaune Beaune, France Open 6
Brady Cinema Theatre Brady Cinema Theatre Paris, France Open 2
Bompart Theatre Bompart Theatre Marseille, France Open 1
Bibliotheque du Cinema Francois Truffaut Bibliotheque du Cinema Francois ... Paris, France Open 1
Bataclan Bataclan Paris, France Open 1
Atlas Cine X Atlas Cine X Paris, France Open 2
Arromanches 360 Arromanches 360 Arromanches les Bains, France Open 1
Arlequin Arlequin Paris, France Open 3
Archipel Archipel Paris, France Open 2
American Cosmograph American Cosmograph Toulouse, France Open 1
Alhambra Cinema Alhambra Cinema Calais, France Open 4
Alhambra Alhambra Marseille, France Open 1
Alcazar Cinema Alcazar Cinema Asnieres-sur-Seine, France Open 4
7 Parnassiens 7 Parnassiens Paris, France Open 7