Princess Twin Cinemas

46 King Street North,
Waterloo, ON N2J 2W8

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lholford on February 28, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Princess Cinemas is an Independent Canadian cinema with over 30 years under its belt. It consists of both the Princess Original and Princess Twin Cinemas. The latter offers food and drink in the form of the Princess Cafe and the Odeon Gallery serves as an attraction for art enthusiasts. This report serves to evaluate the User Experience of The Princess Twin.

In order to discern which day would be appropriate or advantageous to attend, great care was taken to explore the website. In terms of finding a movie to watch, the ease of the process would be greatly improved if the website was more modern and intuitive.

The hygiene of Princess Cinema’s online presence is very poor and in need of improvement, specifically its old school website. Many of the specific elements I wanted to find were placed under non specific headings. For example there is no button to purchase advanced tickets, one must go to either Princess Twin or Original Calendar and pick a movie before it is an available option.

Another element of planning that was hindering by the hygiene of the website was transportation. Maps of both cinemas should be displayed clearly on the home page. This information again is buried and requires some navigation to discover. However, the cinemas location was convenient and within walking distance of my current location so after the preliminary set back it was easy to travel to and from the cinema. It is also accessible by bus and car; it is very convenient.

In terms of story telling, majority of the content produced on Princess Cinema’s Instagram and Twitter are mainly event focused and does not seem to offer any engagement. Utilising more of the aesthetically pleasing building architecture and offering challenges would increase engagement across social media platforms.

During the trip there was a small bit of confusion experienced not only by me but by fellow movie goers concerning the purchase of tickets versus concessions. Not only is this model different to those held amongst other cinemas, there are no visible indications besides the customer queue. After that confusion the experience was smooth sailing besides the slight discomfort experienced with the seats after the prolonged sitting.

However, overall the movie experience was pleasant. Because of the theatre’s small size, the movie experience was intimate and cozy. There was no time wasted looking for a specific seat as a result and only ten minutes of previews were shown. The image quality was superb and made for an excellent viewing experience. The cinema was clean upon entry and cleaned when I exited the theatre.

Although, there are steps but there are no ramps for a wheel-chair accessible theatre. Any person using a wheel chair would have to sit at the back. Also there is a second floor but no apparent elevator. Post movie experience, there was a definite sense of refreshment afterwards. Much like the paper coined by Mingjie Gao described without a longterm trip. The theatre is affordable and overall extremely pleasant and convenient. The experience prompted me to post a picture online to commemorate the event.