Hollywood Cinema 20

6711 Stage Road,
Bartlett, TN 38134

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rivest266 on August 15, 2021 at 2:50 am

The Hollywood Cinema opened on October 10th, 1997. Grand opening ad posted.

zebtheamerican on August 9, 2017 at 4:13 am

True Stories. I have been a Projectionist most of my life. Good job. Good pay. Worked for Malco theaters nearly 20 years, and knew many of this cities Projectionist, both Union and non. No one in this field has ever had anything nice to say about the Keshani’s, the family (2 brothers from India) that owns what is now called Ajay Theaters. They have been sued by many, including film studios for failing to report correct box office sales. I ended up working for them for 2 years after a dispute I had with a manager at Malco. They DID surprise me by paying me a professional wage, which I suspect was due to my reputation as one of the cities best projectionist. However, shortly after being hired I was told that not only was I to run all 20 screens by myself (a Herculean task in itself), but that I was to come downstairs and clean bathrooms and theaters when not busy. I refused, and for the next 2 years everyday they made life more difficult. Once during my time there, one of the owners bragged to me of a time he was sued by this elderly woman who fell and broke her hip because the stair lights were out and the theaters lights were to low (he admitted this to me). Yet not only did he win the case, he claimed to end up getting money out of her. He literally giggled and was proud of this as he told it to me. I also witnessed him myself, after the movies were over picking up used cups (popcorn AND drink), washing and re-selling them the next show.

Then there is what the older brother did to a friend of mine at the Fair Four. I was a member of a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast. I played the transvestite character Dr. Frank-N-Furter. For a brief 3 weeks the show moved to the Fair Four. On the last night, my friend Allen was out in the parking lot yelling to the crowds to come see the show like a carnival barker. He was a funny and interesting guy. Still is. Anyway, at some point these rednecks proceeded to attack him. I was inside in the lobby with the rest of the cast witnessing this. As Allen came running to the theater face covered in blood, The older Keshani brother went running to the entrance door. We all thought he was going to help Allen out, instead he locked the door and refused to let him in all while these rednecks are bearing down on Allen some 20 feet away. Some of us took off outside to confront the attackers others confronted Keshani (including me). We begged him to let Allen in or at least call the Police. He not only refused to do either, but turned to me and said the show was cancelled and to get out. I have known many good people from India, this is not an indictment of any people. Every culture has it’s bad apples and the Keshani’s are the among the worst.

tpearson_mom on December 30, 2013 at 1:58 pm

My teenage daughter and two cousins were dropped off at this theatre on 12.27.13. I was called to come back within 30 minutes because they were put out for going into the wrong movie. They denied it, saying they went to the restroom and returned to Rachel and security throwing them out. When I got there Rachel said she and the security guard saw my girls go in the wrong movie and that constituted them being put out. She refused to get the security guard to tell me the same. Several people told me Rachel was lying on my girls. I could not get a refund. The manager over Rachel told me it was her word and the security guard was busy. The Bartlett police officer whom she called was no help either. He was there on behalf of Rachel. This Rachel doesn’t have a last name and her manager wouldn’t give me his name. It is unfair to treat children like this, girls in the dark outside in the cold. I will never patronize this place again.