Oriental Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Oriental Theatre Oriental Theatre Boston, MA, United States Closed 1
Oriental Theatre Oriental Theatre Portland, OR, United States Closed 1
Pagoda Theater Pagoda Theater New York, NY, United States Closed 1
Pagode Pagode Paris, France Closed 2
Palace Cinema Palace Cinema Portsmouth, United Kingdom Closed 1
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Aberdeen, United Kingdom Closed 1
Palacio Chino Palacio Chino Mexico City, Mexico Closed 9
Palm Theatre Palm Theatre San Luis Obispo, CA, United States Open 3
Paramount Theatre Paramount Theatre Plainfield, NJ, United States Closed 1
Pekin Theatre Pekin Theatre Pekin, IL, United States Closed 1
Pleasure Beach Novelty Cinema Pleasure Beach Novelty Cinema Blackpool, United Kingdom Closed 1
Red Lantern Theatre Red Lantern Theatre Brea, CA, United States Closed 1
Redford Theatre Redford Theatre Detroit, MI, United States Open 1
Regal Cinema Regal Cinema Uxbridge, United Kingdom Closed 1
Regal Theater Regal Theater Chicago, IL, United States Closed 1
Rex Cinema Rex Cinema Den Haag, Netherlands Closed 1
Rialto Cinema Rialto Cinema Dundee, United Kingdom Closed 1
Ritz Cinema Ritz Cinema Tunstall, United Kingdom Closed 1
Riviera Theatre Riviera Theatre St. Paul, MN, United States Closed 1
Roseville Theatre Roseville Theatre Roseville, CA, United States Open 1
Roxy Theatre Roxy Theatre Longview, WA, United States Closed 1
Salon Cinema Salon Cinema Edinburgh, United Kingdom Closed 1
San Toy Theater San Toy Theater Reading, PA, United States Closed 1
Sun Sing Theatre Sun Sing Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Closed 1
Swan Cinema Swan Cinema Liverpool, United Kingdom Closed 1
TCL Chinese Theatre TCL Chinese Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Open 7
Toy Theatre Toy Theatre Milwaukee, WI, United States Closed 1
Toyo Theatre Toyo Theatre Honolulu, HI, United States Closed 1
Tyneside Cinema Tyneside Cinema Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Open 3
United Palace of Cultural Arts United Palace of Cultural Arts New York, NY, United States Open 1