Movie Theaters with 5 Screens

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Cinema Star Cinema Star Strasbourg, France Open 5
Cinema Star Saint-Exupery Cinema Star Saint-Exupery Strasbourg, France Open 5
Calvert Village Movies Calvert Village Movies Prince Frederick, MD, United States Open 5
Charsou Multiplex Charsou Multiplex Tehran, Iran Open 5
Mellat Multiplex Mellat Multiplex Tehran, Iran Open 5
Markazi Cinema Markazi Cinema Tehran, Iran Open 5
IndieHouse Cinema at the Producers Club IndieHouse Cinema at the Produce... New York, NY, United States Open 5
IMC Thurles IMC Thurles Thurles, Ireland Open 5
Kinepolis CineMagnus Kinepolis CineMagnus Schagen, Netherlands Open 5
Omniplex Balbriggan Omniplex Balbriggan Balbriggan, Ireland Open 5
Cine Paz Cine Paz Madrid, Spain Open 5
Curzon Oxford Curzon Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom Open 5
Cinema Ideal Cityplex Cinema Ideal Cityplex Turin, Italy Open 5
Dendy Portside Dendy Portside Hamilton, Australia Open 5
UGC Enghien UGC Enghien Enghien-les-Bains, France Open 5
Vamdas Cinema Vamdas Cinema Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Open 5
Pathé Helmond Pathé Helmond Helmond, Netherlands Open 5
Biografen Victoria Biografen Victoria Stockholm, Sweden Open 5
Cines Roses Cines Roses Roses, Spain Open 5
Candy Park by Cinema City Candy Park by Cinema City Hong Kong, China Open 5
Century Marina and XD Century Marina and XD Marina, CA, United States Open 5
Reel Cinemas Reel Cinemas Widnes, United Kingdom Open 5
Fifth Avenue Cinemas Fifth Avenue Cinemas Vancouver, Canada Open 5
Deer Park Cinema Deer Park Cinema Port Angeles, WA, United States Open 5
Quai 10 Quai 10 Charleroi, Belgium Open 5
Regal Forum 5 Regal Forum 5 Rolla, MO, United States Open 5
Gate Multiplex Gate Multiplex Midleton, Ireland Open 5
Gate Multiplex Gate Multiplex Mallow, Ireland Open 5
Lumière Cinema Maastricht Lumière Cinema Maastricht Maastricht, Netherlands Open 5
Cine Verdi Cine Verdi Barcelona, Spain Open 5