Twin Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Art Greenwich Twin Art Greenwich Twin New York, NY, United States Closed 2
Art Towne Twin Art Towne Twin Plantation, FL, United States Closed 2
Arteplex Del Parque Arteplex Del Parque Buenos Aires, Argentina Closed 2
Ascot Theatre and Gardens Ascot Theatre and Gardens Rivervale, Australia Closed 2
Asheville West Twin Theatres Asheville West Twin Theatres Asheville, NC, United States Closed 2
Astor Classics Cinema Astor Classics Cinema Hong Kong, China Closed 2
Astra 1 & 2 Cinemas Astra 1 & 2 Cinemas Halifax, United Kingdom Closed 2
Astral 1 & 2 Cinemas Astral 1 & 2 Cinemas London, United Kingdom Closed 2
Astro Twin Theaters Astro Twin Theaters Greenville, SC, United States Closed 2
Atco Drive-In Atco Drive-In Atco, NJ, United States Closed 2
Athenaeum Picture Playhouse Athenaeum Picture Playhouse London, United Kingdom Closed 2
Atlantic Palast Filmtheater Atlantic Palast Filmtheater Nuremberg, Germany Closed 2
Atlantic Theatre Atlantic Theatre Chicago, IL, United States Closed 2
Atlantic Twin Theater Atlantic Twin Theater Columbia, SC, United States Closed 2
Atlantik Filmtheater Atlantik Filmtheater Karlsruhe, Germany Closed 2
Atlantis Bio Atlantis Bio Klaksvik, Faroe Islands Closed 2
Atlas Alcorta Atlas Alcorta Buenos Aires, Argentina Closed 2
Atlas Atlantic Cinema Atlas Atlantic Cinema Atlantic, IA, United States Closed 2
Atlas Twin Atlas Twin Hialeah, FL, United States Closed 2
Audubon Drive-In Audubon Drive-In Henderson, KY, United States Closed 2
Austin Cinema I & II Austin Cinema I & II Tampa, FL, United States Closed 2
Australia Twin Theatre Australia Twin Theatre Melbourne, Australia Closed 2
Autokino Alte Messe Leipzig Autokino Alte Messe Leipzig Leipzig, Germany Closed 2
Autokino Chemnitz Autokino Chemnitz Chemnitz, Germany Closed 2
Autokino Hamburg Bewegte Zeiten Drive-In Autokino Hamburg Bewegte Zeiten ... Hamburg, Germany Closed 2
Ayers Theatre Ayers Theatre Corpus Christi, TX, United States Closed 2
Back Lot Drive-In Back Lot Drive-In Melbourne, Australia Closed 2
Backyard Cinema Backyard Cinema London, United Kingdom Closed 2
Bainbridge Theatre Bainbridge Theatre Bronx, NY, United States Closed 2
Baker Cinema Baker Cinema Baker, LA, United States Closed 2