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WPARMOUR commented about Riverside Cinemas on Dec 11, 2016 at 5:07 am

I started working at Riverside Cinemas around 1989 as an usher. There was a live tree in the lobby and everyone that worked there was like a family. I remember since we were located off the interstate some unknown celebrities stopped by after concerts. Riverside had the best Popcorn because it was made from a very expensive Cretors machine that had to be hooked up to a 10 gallon popcorn oil drum that took at least an hour to clean up if you spilt it. The Museum of Arts And Sciences lent “Fritz” the stuffed lion every June to be displayed by the live tree and someone would always put gum in poor “Fritz’s” eyes. Ushers had to give speeches after every Will Rogers charity fund commercial and the money cup always fell under the seats making it so sticky from stale soda. I sure miss the clang of projector platters feeding film to the projectors and ushers actually telling customers to “please get their feet down off the back of the chair”. “Fritz” the lion is long gone and pretty soon movie theaters like Riverside Cinemas will be too! Frank, Shirley, Louise, Jack, Lillian, Kelly, LeeAnn, Jason, Jason, Chad, Tommy, Lewis, Sherry, Heath, Kerry, Mrs. Smith, Yvonne, Veronica, Lindi, Tim, Rob, Bobby, Kate, Kate, Gayla, Tammy, Mandy, Mr. Nobles, April, Clay.Dave, Dave B…… Oh and “Fritz”….