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tiggerbounce1968 commented about Megaplex 20 at Jordan Commons on Jan 9, 2006 at 5:37 am

Just wanted to add a few comments here—I’m here in Ft. Lauderdale where Brokeback has been out since December. Both times I have seen it, the movie was packed. My friend saw it this past Sunday at 1 pm and it was still packed—so after almost a month down here the movie still packs the house. As Laurie mentioned earlier, I couldnt help but notice the Megaplex there in SLC is showing quite a few family value and morally right movies—lets see, we have Hostel which a neat little movie filled with violence, blood, guts and gore. There’s Dick and Jane (which I saw) that shows what fun it is to rob a bank/convience store as well as show stereotypes. Then Casanova which looks like it might be funny, but it is about a man who had quite a few women in his lifetime right? But my FAVORITES are the ones that I have seen compared and contrasted several times in articles about Brokeback by Christian groups: Harry Potter VS. Narnia. Dont take the kiddies to see Harry Potter because with all the witches, magic and sorcery, talking fantasy animals, and dealings with the dark forces will undoubtly convert innocent young minds to a life of sin. However, Narnia is fit for the whole family to enjoy because it has….oh wait! Witches, magic and sorcery, talking fantasy animals , and a wonderful tale of good vs evil, something Harry is seriously lacking. Plus Harry doesnt have a slight religious overtone so it makes Narnia that much better. Hmm..I’ve seen all the Potter movies, Narnia, and Brokeback Mountain….where does that put me in all the mix? Anyways, thank your local theatres up there for playing the movie, and go see it a second time…I cried more the second time then the first! I know that more people will find reasons to protest the movie, but it only brings to light THEIR closed minded intolerance towards things they dont know and understand, and NOT the content of the movie. I mean really—there was more sex between Ennis and his wife then Ennis and Jack! Theres something for everyone here! Enjoy the movie!