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Syd commented about Pearl River Theater on Feb 18, 2007 at 6:59 am

My grandfather Scott Falt owned a diner next to this theater it was called the Granada. He sold this diner to a family called the Marinos. The diner caught fire a damaged the movie theater. This theater and the newer one in town were owned by Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sherman also built another theater in the Spring Valley/Hill Crest area.

As a kid we would go to the movies for .14 cents to see an Elvis movie they would over sell the tickets and kids would sit on the stairs up in the balcony.

Mr.Sherman also owned the strip stores were Mel’s Army and Navy store is.I worked part time for Mel and sometimes he would have me take his rent to Mr. Sherman who had an office in the movie theater.

Mr.Shermans office was in the left hand front of the theater up by the movie screen.

Syd Smith
Pearl River, New York