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StillOkie commented about Baden Theatre on Jun 17, 2017 at 11:30 am

Same here Terryb the Theater was fun to go to with your friends. Only mine was the Sparta Theater (Sparta, IL) when I was kid. Concessions were inside and my mom when she was a teenager worked the counter there. I lived in Baden during 1987, though I never went to see a movie anywhere while there. Baden was a nice community to live and I worked right down the road on jus two blocks north of Broadway at General Envelope & Lithography. I was jus revisiting my old neighborhood on Google Maps. On street view level I see “blight” has begun to overtake the area now. That’s so sad. Now a mult-level Bus Stop where the waving Santa stood out front of the Dollar Store back then. Lived in a 2-story converted carriage house that sits in back of a 3-story house on McLaran Ave. in back abutting the alley that connected to Gimblin St. was up the hill there. It was a neat place to live while there. I could step out my back door since I had the first floor apartment and into the alley and look over downtown Baden from my view. The strip mall was in view from my vantage point there, as well as Vihn Chop Suey. Happy to see that’s still there! Sandlewood Apartments parking lot also abutted the alley there on the south. I remember a bar called “Stooges” down the hill on Broadway there(referencing the Three Stooges).

StillOkie commented about Sparta Theatre on Jun 16, 2017 at 4:10 am

I remember my Dad used to stop by there if going by sometimes on an occasional evening and he’d get take out popcorn for us to have for watching the new cable TV movies he had subscribed our household to. My mom worked the counter there, she said she knew J.D. from thence, when she was a “teenie bopper” cheerleader at Sparta High ~lol