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startheresa commented about Lewiston, Maine "Empire" to be Demolished on Aug 10, 2005 at 8:32 am

Update 8-10-05. This building, not far from the Gov. Longley bridge over the Androscoggin River, and next to the old CMP lot, is down and the bricks are being carted away (wish I could get one). For a few recent seasons an animated fellow sold tee-shirts from his car parked next to this building. Before that, a church held its services inside. Then, long ago now, around 1970, I watched my first movies there, “Dumbo” and “Sleeping Beauty,” and have been enchanted by movie theaters ever since. I also saw my first sci-fi film there, about a human-ant queen, and (despite that B-movie’s influence) got hooked on sci-fi movies. What a treasure, lost. But the good memories live on! For a brief building note, check out the pdf brochure or view in html, at