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sheilasporer commented about Fox Venice Theatre on Oct 11, 2014 at 5:27 pm

I worked at the Fox Venice when it first opened. I didn’t hold a management position, I simply manned the ticket booth and the concession stand for about a year or so. The working conditions were unique and memorable, the crew was amazing and on the cutting edge of art cinema in the US in those days. I believe they were only one of two theaters like this in the US at the time. I knew Rol and he was brilliant and eccentric fun (Hi Rol, if you read this! Remember me? I was Linda’s friend.) I loved everyone there, it was an exciting time and place, one of the best experiences I had living in Los Angeles. Anyone who worked in the projection room knows the secret of the stairway to the stars (That’s how I can tell the real ones from the storytellers). It’s a shame what became of the Fox, I had hoped it would live on as a vital part of Venice culture as it was.