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Sal_Rotondo commented about Gaelic Club on Oct 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Herrskipper, from the “Sydney Cinemas Flashback” Facebook group…use their query function for past comments, photos and hyperlinks about this venue.… (1988 poster)…/new-cinema-opens…/ (1987 Herald);…/16/the-picture-show-man/ (1991 Herald);…/who-framed-felix-the…/…/1995/7/13/screen-unseen/ (1995 Herald);…/no-happy-ending-for…/ (2006 Herald); MGM’s Midnite Movies….Anonymous Jun 13, 2011 06:00 PM…. I saw some of these at a cinema in the 1980s called []s Encore Theatre in Devonshire St Surry Hills Sydney. I remember watching The Trip,Psych Out,Wild In The Streets and the Wild Angels there. It’s no longer there. Below some info about the cinema :– In []s Encore Cinema at 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills which opened in 1987, operated for over ten years at this site. Previously, it resided in Sydney at Anzac House,[] , Hyde Park and Tom Mann Theatre, Central Station. As well as hosting live performances and various functions, the double-billed repertory programming was sourced from a 13,000 reel private collection of 16mm and 35mm film stored in the basement. A number of related items from the massive archive were dispersed in an estate sale in 2002. The significant collection of 3D prints provided sell-out showings of films like Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein. Other full houses were provided by monthly screenings of the latest Hindi and Tamil productions long before the western craze with all things Bollywood. Barrie Pattison’s Zombie Brigade received its east coast premiere here, too…. joe