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Randino commented about Norfolk Drive-In on Jul 3, 2006 at 5:59 am

The Norfolk Drive In was right across from Paul Hennings School of Broadcasting on US 58 (Virginia Beach Blvd). I can still see that big gray corrugated-steel sheathed colussus in my mind. “Norfolk Drive In” in big red-neon’d letters, and “Enjoy movies from your CAR” in green neon’d letters. The letters were made from steel, with the neon tubing inset into them. I remember going there once around 1966-7 for a Popeye movie. I fell asleep. I have a feeling that was my parents' plan, anyway. I also remember riding down Interstate 64 (it ran parallel to the drive-in) as a young'un and wondering at the fleshy, out of focus shapes doing strange things on the screen.

Where the drive in used to be there is a Price Club, a motel, a lawn and garden center, a burger joint, a paint store and just a smattering of the pine trees that used to sit along the backside of the car lot of the Norfolk Drive In. I’ve searched in vain for pictures or handbills.

Found some interesting info re:Glenrock Airport at:
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Here are a couple of quotes:

C.L.Batson recalled, “I was in the Civil Air Patrol at Glenrock Airport in 1952-55.

It was closed to make room for the Janaf Shopping Center.”

According to the book “Virginia Airports” by Vera Rollo & Norman Crabill (published by the VAHS),

Glenrock’s operating license was revoked & the airport was abandoned on 9/20/57.

The Glenrock Airport was a mile or west down Virginia Beach Blvd. from the Norfolk Drive In.

Randino commented about Granby in Norfolk Va on Jul 3, 2006 at 5:58 am

It’s an incredible music house now, taking the bulk of small-medium sized shows that would have once gone to the (now gone) Boathouse.

I remember a summer day in 1984 watching Purple Rain 7 times in that grand old theatre.