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pruzicka commented about Auburn Schine Theater on Aug 27, 2010 at 1:24 pm

I forgot to add that this group I have assembled has a wide demographic we range in age from mid-twenties to eighties, and from retirees to professionals the joining thread is the desire to preserve this magnificent theater and masterpiece of architecture.
I must add there is a lot of local support we put my antique car in two parades and our message was “Let’s Finish the Schine’s”! We had many people cheer when we passed by and many comments in favor of this project! I truly feel that this is a very important part of the contemporary history of Auburn. This is what forms the major character of any region is its history and treasures….

pruzicka commented about Auburn Schine Theater on Aug 27, 2010 at 1:13 pm

The group in the above pasted article was formed in response to an ad published in the local paper. The response to the ad was all in favor to restore the Schine’s and the group was formed out of those that cared enough to try and work to preserve this theater. I have incorporated this group in March of this year, and the Citizens for the Schine’s and Betterment of Downtown Auburn Inc. was officially formed. We have been trying to work with the Arts Council, who recently reorganized, but request to meet and discuss the project were meet with silence. We then decided that we would join the Arts Council to work with them internally and most of us now are members of the Arts Council. One of our members finally got a meeting with the new Arts Council President, Jim Loperfido, who finally allowed us to at least clean-up the trash, debris, and start to defoliation of the overgrowth. This recent article demonstrates our group’s commitment to the restoration of the Schine’s and our willingness to help.

pruzicka commented about Auburn Schine Theater on Jun 3, 2010 at 12:20 pm

The post above by Lewis Rugani was a very old newspaper article and the information in it is not current! This dates long before the building was under the stewardship of the Cayuga County Arts Council why someone would post this is unbelievable. This is not the true situation at this time and to repost this very old article is just meant to be detrimental to the ongoing project and presenting something that is currently just not true!
Look at the site just copy and paste into your brouser the following:
This is a better representation of what it looks like today! The community at large wants this theater restored! However, local politics are the largest obstacle here. The Arts Council, who as I previously stated, has stewardship of the building is a not for profit organization. They have not been able to secure grant funding because of this lack of local political support. The building is stable and the largest obstacle other than the aforementioned political issue is the asbestos in the building from its original construction. Having been built in the late 1930’s and opened in 1939, this material was very commonly used. Plans to renovate this and make it into a multiuse performing arts facility were revisited in 2007 but again politics were the obstacle.